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Written on Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hi everyone!

Recently I was lucky to become one of the first 50 persons in France to try out this perfume by Nina Ricci. At that point, the fragrance wasn’t available in the stores and I didn’t even know what perfume I would appraise. I only knew it would be something from Nina Ricci, and since I haven’t had any of their perfumes before, I decided to take a chance and submit a request for participation in the campaign. Lady Fortune smiled upon me Smile

So, let’s start off with the review!

Nina Ricci Bella:


  • Top notes: Green Mandarin Rhubarb Leaf
  • Middle notes: Freesia, Rose Jelly Roses
  • Base notes: Vanilla, White Musk

It costs about 40 Euro for 30 ml. online. A bit pricey. I’m glad I received it for free.

I got my kit with the fragrance itself and a letter.

I didn’t expect that I would get a full-size bottle. I thought they would send me a pile of samples. But the guys at Nina Ricci were generous and I received the bottle with 30 ml. Hurray!

The bottle was in the box:

Its size is written in big letters:

On the bottom of the box, one can find useful information like the ingredients,

the country of origin and the year. In my case, it’s 2017, even though the year of the official launch is 2018.

Dunno why, this batch was probably made in advance.

Let’s open the box:

The box is ordinary. Let’s pull the reed...and there is this lovely bottle in the depths of the box:


Such an adorable green apple!

It’s so lovely! This is my first perfume by Nina Ricci so I’m not immune to their signature apples. The bottle is classy. One of the most beautiful bottles I ever had.

There is a ladybug on the bigger bottles. Not that I complain, but I wouldn’t mind if there was one on mine. It’s easy to open...

The sprayer is under the blue round cap

Now as the perfume is unpacked, we have no choice but to try it out!

The first impression: the perfume is awesome! Usually, I have to wait for a few minutes after the first spray, but in this case, I immediately realized that I would like it.

The fragrance is vibrant and juicy. It’s a summer fragrance, no doubt, with its fruity-floral notes.I felt the apple, but my nose deceived me, as there are no apples among the notes.

I’m no perfumer, but still, I can smell apple. But anyway, I liked the fragrance so much! Usually, I’m very picky, and prefer heavy, rich scents like Ange ou Demon or Live Irresistible (both from Givenchy). My third favorite, which never leaves my dressing table, is Lacoste Pour Femme, and it’s the lightest of them. So, Bella joined these three and stands out among them (not only because of the bottle shape).

The fragrance is vivid and quite simple. Many fragrances open up gradually, but not this one. Bella remains as it originally was.

The only thing that changes is its intensity. In the first 15 minutes, the fragrance is intense and concentrated, but it fades quickly.

I’m not going to drag on the review anymore and will proceed to the saddest part of my story, which is this perfume’s longevity. Bella lasts only about 1-1,5 hours. After an hour, the fragrance becomes barely perceptible. If I were asked to access the lasting power only, I would give this perfume only 2 stars. That’s a shame. If only this perfume were more long-lasting…

My opinion:

I can recommend the new fragrance, despite its lack of lasting power. The fragrance is such an individual thing and can open differently, depending on the person. You may have a different opinion.

As a con, I can also count its price. No, I totally understand that a good perfume cannot be cheap. But if you sell it for 40 Euro, make sure it’ll last for a few hours, at least.


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kobra1990 recommends Nina Ricci Bella

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