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Written on Monday, July 9, 2018

Every year we install a rigid frame pool which is really fun to swim in during these hot summer days. However, it still requires regular maintenance: we have to use a lot of chemicals, use filters and pick up stuff floating on the surface.

A pool skimmer is a device which is supposed to skim off any debris. It’s made of plastic and is attached to the side of the pool like a little bucket. There were attachments for inflatable and rigid frame pools in the kit.

Inside of the bucket there is a strainer which skimms off the stuff and can be taken out and cleaned when needed. It floats and sucks in the debris


Thanks to the special attachment, it is possible to control how close to water the skimmer is

With this hose, the skimmer can be connected to the sand filter

There were three different adapters in the kit

I’ve been using this skimmer basket for 2 months, and it has made my life a lot easier. I don’t have to run around the pool with a butterfly net, hunting leaves and insects. The water is being cleaned during the night, and I only have to empty the basket.

Also, thanks to the skimmer, I don’t have to wash the filter as often as I used to. Since all the big debris gets skimmed off, the pressure on the filter becomes lower, which, eventually, will prolong its lifetime.

By the way, I finally managed to get rid of all water bugs thanks to this skimmer. They liked to swim in my pool but couldn’t get out of there. Earlier, my child and I had to ambush them with the net.

All in all, this skimmer is an extremely useful thing which makes the maintenance of the pool a lot easier and spares your time.

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