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Written on Friday, June 8, 2018
Pros: affordable price, convenient brush with a grip, good massage effect, it combs my dry hair well, it doesn’t pull out my hair

There are so many products in the market nowadays. This is why it becomes so difficult to find a really hard working product which will later show you a good result.

This brush actually made me believe again that I can have beautiful hair! And I have to say that I saw the result the very first day I started using it, which was completely different from the result I used to get from my old hair brushes.

After purchasing the Tangle Angel brush, which was a big mistake of mine by the way, I almost stopped believing that hair brushes can be effective at all. Even though I was very skeptical, this Air Motion Brush made me believe in newly designed popular products.

Product description:

Don't brush…Glide. The AirMotion hairbrush is a British designed hairbrush with patent pending, built-in AirShock absorption technology providing an unsurpassed, contour sensitive hairbrushing experience.

Combined with a geometrically inspired unique Tri-bristle length configuration, AirMotion is the most advanced hairbrush on the market today.


Their color selection of the brushes is huge in the collection. You can buy your brush brightly colored or opt for a more classical color combination like black and white. Since my favorite color from childhood is yellow, I immediately grabbed the yellow brush at the store.

This accessory looks pretty simple, yet still modern. The brush is easy to hold in my hands because it’s lightweight and ergonomic.

Only the back surface of the brush is painted yellow. The bristles are black. But they are also adorned with the yellow base which I like very much.

Opening the box with the brush for the first time, I could clearly feel some plastic rubber smell, which actually stayed on for about a week and then vanished. The rubber smell vanished completely and you’ll feel it only if you take your nose very close to the brush. But in general I can say that now the brush doesn’t have any unpleasant scent which can be so typical for such accessories.


Packaging of the Air Motion Hairbrush:

The brush was packed with a branded box and an instruction flyer inside. There isn’t any new information for me, because I do believe that we all know how to use a hairbrush.


It’s almost like a regular hair brush, yet still there are some features that make it stand out:

  • the brush doesn’t pull my hair out;

  • I can see less hair fall out, it’s less by 5 times I think

  • it’s very convenient to use;

  • it brings good antistatic effect;

  • now it’s way easier to take care of my hair with this brush, rather than with any other hair brushes;

  • the scalp massage is amazing

The most important thing that I adore about this brush is that it doesn’t damage my hair at all. I mean, earlier, I used to take off a lot of fallen out hair from the brush after combing, but now there isn’t such a problem anymore. (my hair is very damaged and dried out). Yes, it’s true, I can still see some fallen out hair on the brush, it’s normal, but the difference with what I used to have is colossal.


Now I can clean my brush only once a week, as there isn’t so much hair on it left after each use.


The process of combing my hair now goes very smoothly and pleasantly, I could have never even dreamt about it. Hence there’s no hair damage anymore. Now I’m even thinking about having my hair long and healthy thanks to this hair accessory. Less hair in the brush, more hair on my head, right, don’t you think? Smile

Naturally my hair is very thin and I also managed to damage it with hair coloring, which is why I have to revive it and treat delicately. I’m literally afraid of losing my hair, this is why combing is also very important for me.


I also want to tell you a very interesting fact - no matter where you start to comb your hair (yet still they persuade us that starting from the hair ends is less damaging) the brush will still brush your locks thoroughly. It won’t look tangled anymore. Even if you comb your wet hair, it won’t be damaged at all. I appreciate all these facts so much, that I use this brush from the very first day I bought it with great pleasure.

Air Motion Yellow:


I like this glossy surface of the brush very much. Look how beautifully my window is reflected there! Smile


I saw this brush in a local store for the first time and immediately bought it! The color was 100% mine because I like every shade of yellow, because it brings me into high spirits, makes me think positively, and in general, such sun-like colors are so important in my hair care game when I want to make it grow faster and look more beautiful!Smile




Price: $11



I really fell for this hair brush. It suits my hair perfectly well, this is why I can highly recommend it for you as well.

It’s rather unusual for me, because I was more into wooden brushes lately. But now, I don’t even think about wooden brushes, as this babe makes my life way easier and better for my hair.

Thanks for reading my post!


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