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Written on Monday, May 21, 2018
Pros: affordable price, good massage effect, interesting design, it combs my dry hair well, it has a grip, lightweight, soft and resilient bristles, stylish-looking

Hello there!


A hair brush is a need for everybody. And today we’ll speak about a very unusual new generation hair brush which is Air Motion.


I first saw it in the reviews and that was the moment when it seemed very appealing to me and of course I really wanted to buy it to fill into my collection of hairbrushes. Smile


I really like such combs and brushes because I find them practical, durable and easy to use. What’s more, they usually have a beautiful and modern design.


So, now let’s have a closer look at this Air Motion Hairbrush:

Color: black and white

Made of: plastic and rubber

Weight: 69g

Made in the UK

Price: $10



Product says:

Don't brush…Glide. The AirMotion hairbrush is a British designed hairbrush with patent pending, built-in AirShock™ absorption technology providing an unsurpassed, contour sensitive hairbrushing experience.

Combined with a geometrically inspired unique Tri-bristle™ length configuration, AirMotion is the most advanced hairbrush on the market today.

The brush came packaged with a semi-transparent plastic box - it looked very stylish and sleek. The box is thought out, because it’s lightweight, as simple as possible and on each side it has round holes, so as not to grab all the attention with the package, but turn your attention to the contents:


It’s not just a hair brush, it’s a dream. You will like it if you like Tangle Teezer or any other popular plastic brushes. But I also want to dare you that you’ll like it, even if you hate Tangle Teezer and all the other popular plastic hair brushes. Smile

The secret of why it’s so good is very simple. The thing is that this hair brush is the most comfortable to use.


First of all, it has a convenient grip, which is already such a huge advantage that makes it pop among all the other hair brushes. A hair brush with a grip is so convenient for domestic use, isn’t it?

Of course I do love all my plastic grip-less hair brushes, but still the AirMotion Brush is more convenient for me. Smile


Secondly, it has a rubberized surface, including the grip which makes it super ergonomic and non-slip in my hands: even if you comb your wet, dry or oily hair.


The third fact is actually the presence of these bristles. There are so many of them on the brush. They offer the bristles of 3 different length, which makes combing more pleasant and effective.

The bristles aren’t the same with the Tangle Teezer, here they are thicker and more resilient, even though they are still made of plastic.

I also want to draw your attention to the order of the bristles over the surface of the brush.

They are thick, yet resilient and they don’t bend. There isn’t a bristle that pricks my scalp or anything. All of them have round tips and never hurt my skin or hair.


If you have thick, long and tangled hair, then you should definitely opt for this Air Motion Brush because it has longer and thicker bristles unlike any other brushes by rival companies.


The fourth fact is the anatomical curve that the brush has, which actually might not be visible to us. However, I can clearly feel it while combing my hair, especially in comparison with any other flat regular hair brushes.

Thanks to this curve, my hair looks better combed to the fullest.

It doesn’t glide my hair, it literally combs it.


I also can’t live out the massage effect that I get from this brush. It is so pleasant, relaxing and useful for my scalp. Smile


The AirMotion hairbrush has built-in AirShock absorption technology. Speaking human language, it means that the brush is hollow-bored inside.

As for the sizes of the brush, I can assure you that it isn’t bulky but actually very compact size-wise, in comparison with many other hair brushes.

It’s light, almost weightless, which is so unusual after using regular and wooden hairbrushes.

I adore the outer appearance of this hairbrush! It’s so stylish, modern and really stands out from all the other brushes from my collection.


I intentionally opted for the black-and-white strictly colored design, because I fancy this combination. There are also other colors to choose from - brightly colored pink, blue and green brushes.


After I had a very close look at this brush, I came to the conclusion that it’s very sturdy and good-quality. I haven’t found any traces of glue, scratches or cracks.

I also haven’t noticed any odor from the brush when I took it out of the box for the first time or while using afterwards.


One more feature why I love this brush so much is how practical it is.

It works wonders with my wet, as well as dry hair. I use it to smear my hair masks and any other hair treatments. The brush is uber convenient to clean. It’s waterproof, so I just wash it with warm water and that’s all. After washing, my brush looks as though it’s brand new. Smile

This plastic hair brush significantly wins over those regular wooden brushes, or those with natural or metal bristles.

Judging by the configuration of the brush, I can say that it’ll go a long way and will definitely survive all the other brushes in my collection, because it isn’t afraid of water, it doesn't peel off, there aren’t any paints or lacquer on its surface, hence there’s nothing to be destroyed or cracked.

The brush has a minimum of additional details, which means that nothing will fall out from its body.


Hence, I want to ask you a question. Is it worth buying a new cheap hair brush which breaks down in a couple of months of use? In my opinion, it’s better to splurge on a good quality brush once and use it with pleasure for longer.


Here are some photos with the product info from the box:


And now, I want to tell you about my experience with this brush:


- I want to highlight it once again and say that this brush is super ergonomic and pleasant to hold in my hands. It never slips out;


- it beautifully combs my hair. I noticed that it’s very delicate to my hair even when it’s wet;


- it doesn’t damage or pull my hair out;


- my hair doesn’t get static if I use this brush. Moreover, I noticed that it fixes the static while combing;


- the brush is super delicate to my scalp;


- it will work fine with any hair length and thickness;


- it’ll be a great solution for thin, damaged hair which is dangerous to touch with regular brushes;


- the massage of my scalp with this brush is just killer;


- the product is practical and it’ll go a long way;


- it’s nice to use daily;


- the brush is so gentle, it’ll also be great for baby hair;


- I haven’t noticed any downsides from this brush. If I will in the future, then I’ll add them in this review for sure.


I guess this hair brush will be an excellent present for your mum, bestie, sister, daughter, niece. It’s always very pleasant to be presented with such a good-quality and beautiful hairbrush. Smile


And in the end of my review I want to tell you that this AirMotion Brush is fantastic. There’s everything here about it to make it perfect.


So, I can freely recommend it for purchasing, because it’s a really worthy product.


Here’s a gorgeous collection of combs of mine: Smile


Thanks for your attention to my post and see you very soon! Smile

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