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Written on Thursday, May 18, 2017
Pros: all the skin peeling parts disappear, can be used in the shower, convenient dry stand, good application of the cosmetic products then, good cleansing, micromassage, moisturizing products sink in better, smooth skin, speed variety, usb charger
Cons: a lot of fake ones, expensive, no travelling case as in mia2

I never buy household appliances or anything else unless I find and read all the information about it online. I study all the technical characteristics, reviews, advantages and disadvantages, different video reviews etc. So, after a week or two, I come to the conclusion whether I need this product or not. Well, all in all, I decided to buy this Clarisonic Brush. The first thing that I was upset by was its price. For me, it’s very expensive. I wanted to buy it second hand and was actually shocked by the amount of fake ones online. If you want to buy it second hand, you should know the following:

1. Open the box, turn on the device and put on the table, bristles up. It will stay on the same place and vibrate. The fake one buzzes loudly and moves on the table. The original won’t do so! On the internet there are a lot of videos to watch before buying.

There is a serial number of the brush written on the tip of the brush hand. On the official site, you can find the chart where to register and check your brush number. If it’s original - it’ll be listed there, also on the site you can activate the warranty and you’ll be given the promo code for a future purchase.

And that’s all I know:) And now, about the brush itself.

The box is beautiful, it looks decent and proper. There’s all the information under the top lid.

Inside, there was a plastic form where everything was in:

There was also a cleansing gel in the box, but, I’ve already used it and I don’t have any photo of it. It was written that it suits all skin types, but it dried my skin a bit. But still I was delighted. In the packaging there’s the device itself, 2 brush heads (deep cleansing - with blue circle; and sensitive - with dark circle).

I sometimes found reviews where they say that in a couple of weeks the sensitive brush head starts scratching the skin, making people buy a new, softer one. I think that’s not true. The thing is that the vibrations, which brings out the brush, cleanse the skin very well, and if you use it very often you can hurt your skin. Even scratch it. Because the device peels all the flaking and keratin layer. Of course, it’ll hurt. Personally for me, one time a day is enough. But for some people with more sensitive and gentle skin 3-4 times a week will be enough.

Convenient dry stand. But, personally, I could do well without it. For me, it would have been more convenient to have a case - put the device in it and put on the shelf. But if you have a sink with a table and you keep all your stuff there, then, yes, the stand will be handy for you.

In there you can put it in the charger when you need charging, which is USB, by the way. You can use the adapter, or plug in a computer or anything. I also like the light indicators. I know, that they don’t affect the process of working of the brush, but still, it’s such a pleasant thing:)

At the bottom there’s a small round light, which is white (the battery's full), yellow (half of the charger) or red (the battery's running out). Around the rubber on/off button there’s also a light indicator which shows what speed you’re currently using.

One more thing to pay attention to is that a lot of people say that it’s difficult to take the brush heads off. That's not true. The thing is, you should take them off only after you cover the brush head with a protecting top. There are some special grooves which make it possible to take the brush head very easily. You should press it tightly and turn, so that way it will definitely be in your hand.

In general, I’m delighted with that purchase. My skin became softer even after the first use. The pores are becoming smaller and the face color better. The flaking disappears with the first or second use. You should understand that the device won’t scrub your face to the ideal condition, and that the vibration won’t clear every pore out. But you’ll definitely see the result. I’ve never had ideal skin. Maybe only in summer, when the sun is shining. Tactile, I can always feels some uneven parts, my nose is covered with blackheads, sometimes there are acne spots and in autumn and spring I’ve got blemishes and flaking skin, but at the same time, my skin is oily. So, that’s why I bought this device. I’m delighted with the result I have. I’ve received exactly what I bet on. I also use this device while taking a shower. I use it on my shoulders, decollete and back. The most important thing is that the brush doesn’t rotate, but vibrates.

Only vibration, that’s important!

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waterlollie recommends Clarisonic Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing Kit

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