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Written on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I’ve been trying to sugar my body for a long time, but now I have finally got the hang of it.


  1. Sugar
  2. Water
  3. Lemon juice
  4. Antiseptic
  5. Towel
  6. Saucepan and a bowl for the mixture

How to prepare the paste

There is nothing special about it. It should be fresh, otherwise your time is wasted.

I make the sugaring paste by measuring it in tablespoons in the following ratio -> Sugar: water:lemon juice -> 5:1:0.25.

I put my stovetop on low for sugar to dissolve, as the paste with granules is not the best option. The mixture is ready in about 7 minutes.

When the sugaring paste becomes amber, it’s ready. It’s a little bit of a hassle to prepare it properly, because I always overcook it.

Pour the substance in a bowl and add hot water in a saucepan. It saves you time, as it would be easier to wash the saucepan after the session.

Skin care before sugaring:

Skin. I scrub the areas every once in a while, but I always use an antiseptic. Then I dry out my skin with a towel and that’s it. The procedure is painful only the first time.

Paste. I have a little bit of hard time preparing the paste at home, so it’s quite challenging. Take a piece of your paste and stretch it.

Initial substance
Initial substance
The soft texture is getting stiffer, which is OK. The texture turns pearl then, but it’s not what we need, so keep stretching and rubbing it. I hate this process! When the paste gets softer, it is matte.
Nailed it!


At the beginning the paste is not so flexible, but it’s alright. Now stretch a piece of it in the opposite direction of hair growth by sticking it to your skin.

Next place your fingers on the stretched paste and pull it off in the same direction of hair growth in a quick movement! It’s actually painful at first, but look at the result! Isn’t it cool, huh? So keep doing this!

The product performs great for my bikini area, underarms and quite good for my arms. Sugaring doesn’t work for my legs, though, which is really strange, because the hair is coarser there than in other areas…

When your skin starts sweating, treat it with antiseptic again, dry it out and continue the process. You should also use antiseptic for your hands! I can sugar one and the same area many times and nothing happens. The main thing is to use antiseptic after the session!

In 5 minutes after sugaring:

I’m embarrassed to show you other areas…

⚠ If the paste is too soft, do not use it or it will stick to your skin.

Water washes off the residue with ease as opposed to wax, for instance…

I don’t have any irritation or pimples after sugaring. The remaining hair removes with tweezers or epilator easily, even in the bikini line!

The result lasts for quite a long time. In about 10 days thin hair appears, which you can either grow till the next session or use an epilator to remove it. Moreover, I don’t have any ingrown hair!

As a result I get perfectly smooth skin in all areas without breaking the bank. Awesome!


In-salon sugaring

Once I’ve decided to visit a salon and have a professional sugaring. The girl was trying hard to convince me that it made no sense at all what direction to pull the hair off. After the procedure I concluded that it was less painful when I jerked it off in the same direction as hair growth! Negative experience is also an experience Smile

So go for it and give it a try! You would love it!


Thank you for reading my review!

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Southern Woman recommends DIY Sugaring paste

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