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Written on Monday, November 12, 2018

I do not like my upper lip, because it is somewhat crooked. I wanted something that would make my mouth look up and also give my lips a little more volume. So, day X came and I'm off to the best doctor in our city. Let me spare you a story of how uncomfortable it is to suffer lip injections. The first time I received 0.55ml of the stuff. I did not see any effect, not even when the swelling disappeared. After a few months I returned. This time I was injected with 1ml. And it all looked cool, voluminous and just perfect. But after two weeks the effect disappeared without a trace. Smile The injected stuff probably went away with the swelling. I cursed the doctor and went to another one. The new doctor told me that my lips absorbed the hyaluronic acid and it could work out after the third try. So I waited some time again. At the third treatment, I also got 1ml injected into my lips. This time, everything hurt like hell, the blood ran out like a river, the doctor probably touched a blood vessel. I ran home with tears in my eyes. I could not look in the mirror for nearly two days, trying to get used to the new appearance of my lips. But then on the third day after the treatment, the bump above the upper lip started getting bigger and bigger. In addition it pulsed and burned. Since it had happened in the evening, I couldn't visit the doctor immediately. So I bought an ointment and an allergy relief remedy.

Then at the examination the doctor was scared and said that I had herpes! So I had to use Zovirax to treat the symptoms. I was relieved and thought that herpes was not so bad, at least it’s easy to treat.

After ten more days, I was down with a fever. The situation was only getting worse. The bump was on the lip itself now and still hurt like hell. I thought the herpes would be coming out soon and everything would be fine again! But no... At night I woke up because of such a strange sensation ... from the bump (about 5 mm in diameter) pus flowed out. I tried to cleanse it. In the morning the bump was already smaller. I was absolutely happy about it! But my joy didn’t last long. Unpleasant symptoms returned. Next morning, I visited a surgeon. It’s an abscess, they said. They also said I was lucky because the pus hadn’t gotten into blood.

So I had a surgery. It was horrendous. Anesthetics barely worked. So I lay there and promised myself never to get my lips injected again. Let them be crooked, but healthy. I got a few holes in my lips, and now I'm even scared to sneeze, eat, yawn, laugh, etc. because it hurts.

I don’t know why it happened, maybe the filler was of bad quality or something. So think twice before getting lip augmentation!

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