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Written on Thursday, April 5, 2018

When doing my eyebrows I asked the tattoo master about eyeliner tattoos, or rather lash tattoos. She told me I should take off my lash extensions first. I wasn’t ready to do so, and I let it go, until my ‘lash fairy’ took a long vacation right before my next appointment. I couldn’t risk going to another one, so I decided to wait for her to come back. But then the moment came, when my last lash fell out, and I remembered it.

The idea of doing lash tattoos.

Said and done.

I wanted to do winged eyeliners too, but my tattoo master told me that my skin is extremely thin and blood vessels are really close to its surface in that area. The tattoo ink could have entered a vessel and run through it like a black river.

During the procedure, I was surprised by the absence of pain. Getting eyebrows done was more painful. However, in 20 minutes, when my eyes were tired I felt burning and pain and whatever.


First day. Everything seemed to be perfect and painless. My eyelids were a bit puffy but I was okay with that.

On the second day, the puffiness was gone and life was beautiful.

For a week, everything seemed to be completely okay, until I woke up on the seventh day and couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror for my eyelids were red and puffy.

I applied the special ointment, but everything was getting even worse.

I got in to the salon and they suggested that I visit an eye doctor.

A doctor I knew said that I got conjunctivitis which is a frequent side effect after tattoos and that I should have used eye drops from the very beginning. I did so, and the puffiness was gone. Also, I applied cold compresses.

Happy ending, but the question is: is the procedure worthwhile at all? I hoped I wouldn’t have to do lash extensions anymore but after a while it became clear that lash tattoos cannot replace lash extensions.

I felt so pale and colorless, as though naked

So I had my lashes done as usual and regretted the money and nerves I’d spent on tattooing.

With lash tattoos but without lash extensions:

Both:It is a huge difference, isn’t it?

I neglected the retouch since I didn’t see any sense in making the line wider or brighter


Creates the appearance of thick lashes. It’s great for those with long but thin lashes, but not in my case, since mine are pale and there was no point in tattooing the lash lines.

A permanent winged eyeliner can be created, but again, not in my case thanks to my blood vessels.



Pain. It’s painless in the first 10 minutes, the pain is bearable in the next 10 minutes, it’s quite painful then, and after a while, the pain becomes insufferable.

Consequences: Prepare for puffiness and red eyes.

How to take care of lash tattoos:

  1. Use recommended eye drops and ointments

  2. Avoid water, sun and makeup within 2 weeks after the procedure. Don’t touch or rub eyelids.


As a result, the lash tattoos were quite useless for me, since they couldn’t replace lash extensions. There is one advantage, though: since the tattoos fill the lash lines, the eyelashes appear thicker and I don’t have to do eyelash extension retouches as often as I used to before.

P.S. The color doesn’t turn blue or violet, it just fades. My eyebrows have faded almost completely within 3 years, but I’m rather happy with this kind of “temporary” permanent makeup.

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