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Written on Monday, April 9, 2018

This is a review on eyelash tattooing in general.

I decided to write about the procedure only after two years. Therefore, I can provide my final opinion on its longevity and how the pigment changes over time. Also, I’ll be sharing my experience of how to prepare for the procedure and take care of the skin afterwards.

You have to trust your tattoo master completely and take a look at photos of their tattoos on social media. Also, it would be sensible to read as many reviews as possible and ask any questions you may come up with beforehand.

Permanent makeup isn’t something to cut corners on!

Also, I’d like to give you some advice:

1. Width of the eyeliner- I know many girls that like thick eyeliners, and when I first came for an appointment I wanted to get my lash lines done this way, because I wanted to look attractive even without my makeup. Thank god, my master persuaded me. She suggested I get thinner lines, which could be thickened later.

This is what I got:

2. I wouldn’t recommend you to do the bottom eyeliner. The tattoo may change its color, plus the skin loses its elasticity eventually and the tattoo can move. Or you can simply stop liking it.

3. Every detail should be discussed with the tattoo master beforehand, like the form of the liner and the color. These lines will stay with you for a long time, and it would be quite costly to have them removed.


How it goes:


Getting eyeliners done is more painful than in the case with eyebrows. First, a special numbing cream was applied over eyelids and left for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, we discussed the color and the form of my eyeliners. I wanted a wide yet neat eyeliner but was persuaded, as I’ve mentioned before.

After 15 minutes, the tattoo master started off. The pain was bearable, but I was afraid that the needle would go into my eyes or I would twitch or something. But my tattoo master assured me that everything would be fine.

Calm down, relax, try not to move or distract the tattoo master. However, if you feel uncomfortable for some reason, it’s better to tell them about it right away.

What comes after the procedure?


You can evaluate the result in the mirror. In my case, the eyeliner was neat and thin. It totally met my expectations. The lash line does its job, especially if your hair is blond.

Then, another ointment is applied onto eyelids.

I think retouch may be required only if you think the pigment is too pale, or there are gaps or if you want to change the eyeliner form.

If everything is fine after healing, it’s up to you to decide whether the retouch is required or not.

How to take care of the eyelids:

Everything is quite simple here. I wore no eye makeup, and regularly applied healing ointments and antiseptic lotion onto my eyelids.

If there is any flaking, brace yourself and don’t rip it off or you may end up with gaps. Flaking isn’t visible on the eyelids, though.

My eyes weren’t puffy or bruised. But if you get any kind of side reaction, don’t hesitate to contact the salon for a consultation.

My opinion after two years of wearing permanent makeup:

First I thought my eyeliners weren’t wide enough and I even kind of rued that I had them done. I expected a more visible effect, even though my eyes looked fine.

But now I’m really happy with what I have. I love these very tattoos ‘cause I can enhance them with an eye pencil or eyeliners. They are less visible but they still make the lashes appear more voluminous. I think I look quite cute with them.

I didn’t do any retouch, but the tattoos look decent still. I don’t like sunbathing so I don’t expose them to the sun. I prefer to wear sunglasses. Maybe it’s the main reason of their longevity?

Will I do my eyeliners again? Yep, when the pigment starts to fade.

Do I recommend this procedure? Yep, if you want to save time on makeup and look better. Choose your master wisely, though.

My photo by daylight, no makeup applied

In the evening, no makeup applied

The tattoos aren’t eye catching unless someone looks closely.

When the eyes are closed, the lines aren’t visible.

There is no blue undertone to them. The color isn’t completely black but looks very decent still.

By daylight with makeup:

Such lines look appropriate in any makeup.

Sometimes I apply a regular liquid eyeliner over them. It covers them well so don’t be afraid that permanent makeup would be visible under the regular one.

The bottom line: I love the look, and I don’t regret having my eyeliners done. But I have to warn you that such kind of tattoos are easier to be made than removed. So the most important part is to find a good tattoo master.

Hope the review was useful!

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