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Written on Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Cons: price tag

Heey! Smile

My today's review is dedicated to the Kabuki brush from E.L.F. I’ve been using it for a few months already, but I still don’t know what opinion I have towards it.


A little digression. The Kabuki brush is a kind of brush that is aimed at application of dry textured products: powder, blushes, bronzers etc. The feature that makes this brush special is its rounded shape and a short handle. Usually it costs more than some other face brushes. I don't exactly know why I bought this brush, maybe because of the thought that my favorite beauty bloggers own it and I also thought I should too. Smile

My E.L.F Kabuki Brush was packed in a box. The brush is made of the synthetic material Taklon which is famous for being non-allergenic. The handle is matte and metal. The handle is a foundation or BB creams residue collector, so be careful. The bristles are soft and two-toned.

When I took the brush out of the packaging, I noticed a few bristles that were sticking out. I cut them down and so far I have no issues with it (even when I wash it).


  • Powder- The brush applies all my powders well. But still sometimes I have a feeling that it’s too big for the sides of my nose and under eye area

  • Blush- I use it only to blend out the blush, not to apply it. Otherwise the brush applies too much and I end up looking like a very ashamed girl. The questions arises: why should I have two brushes to apply the blusher? One for application and another one for blending. Nonsense.

  • Bronzer- For the bronzer application I find this brush ideal. The only issue is that I can’t use the same brush for powder and bronzer application

  • Foundation- They say that since the brush is synthetic, it suits well for application of foundation products. But again I find it too big for certain areas and I will have to use another smaller brush for them. And again two brushes for foundation. What for?

In general this brush is good for powder and bronzer only.

And to the disadvantages I can list the following: The brush handle is too short, it isn’t convenient to hold in the hand. And one more thing is that I don’t like the way this brush looks after I applied some powder with it. I don’t want to wash it after every use. But this one is a personal quirk of mine.

And let me give you a piece of advice. Always try to dry your brush vertically staying on the handle. I know that it’ll take more time to dry out, but the shape won’t change.

Will I recommend buying it? Difficult to say. After I bought this one, I understood that I’m more into flat cut kabuki brushes. And for you I can recommend the following: hold it in your hand in the store before purchasing, if you find it handy, then buy it. If you feel that it isn’t your cup of tea, then simply toss this brush and opt for another.

The price is affordable, so why not to give it a go?

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