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Written on Friday, November 17, 2017

Hello beautiful ladies! Smile

What tools do you prefer to apply your makeup with? As for me, most of all I love sponges, as they are the fastest and easiest to work with. Well, it doesn’t mean that don’t like brushes, no, they are great too, but still sponges are better. A few years ago the BeaytyBlender rocked the world and from that moment on hundreds of brands are trying to came up with something very close to the BeautyBlender yet unique. And of course all the girls waiting for them to invent something interesting and cool for use.

So, the today’s new product is The Makeup Bullet HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge.

The design of the packaging is very bright and stylish. It’s very cute and girlish, oh, glitter Smile

On the carton there’s all the needed information given.


Apart from the sponge, in the box I also found a small booklet with funny pictures and descriptions.

The sponge is very compact. I didn't take its sizes but it fits on my fingers tightly and well. The distinctive feature of this product is its “bullet” shape and tapered tip.

The bottom part the product has a small hollow for you to put it on your finger. Even though the hollow is small, any finger will get into it: I tested with my fingers and husband’s fingers as well.

The sponge doesn’t stretch while use. It’s elastic and super soft.

One more thing I’d like to mention here is that if you have long nails you’d probably find it a little bit harder to use the sponge, as it might bend and sit loosely on your finger.

And now the most intriguing part - the sponge makeup application. I spritz it with Jane Iredale D20 Hydration Spray or MAC Fix+. The sponge needs to be damp but not wet.

I put The Makeup Bullet on my pointer finger and start applying concealer on my under eye area.

Easy and fast! The sponge applies the concealer with the thinnest layer and I appreciate that it doesn’t sink in too much of the concealer. Perfect job, The Makeup Bullet.

Then I apply my foundation with it.

Well, here not everything is so perfect as with a concealer. The sponge still gives good and beautiful coverage but eats too much of the foundation. And I also don’t find it convenient to work with here, as it’s too small to apply the product all over the face. I counted and found out that it took me almost two times longer to apply my foundation with this bullet sponge in comparison with a usual makeup sponge.

I also tried to apply my creamy blush and highlighter with it and since the areas I apply them on are small, the sponge worked well and beautiful there.

Be careful with the sponge when washing it. I wash it with a cleansing oil and I also don’t wash it off under the stream of water, as it can damage the sponge. Usually I fill a container with warm water and wash the sponge in it. The product washes off well but the black color fades over time. I noticed that after a few washes the sponge doesn't look as beautiful as the brand new one.

The Makeup Bullet is an undoubtedly great product. Is it a swap for a BeautyBlender? No, it isn’t. It’s too small. But it’s a good swap for the mini BeautyBlender. The bullet sponge is even better than those. I like using The Makeup Bullet for under eye concealer, around my nose concealer, blush, backing and highlighter application. But not for foundation though.

Price: $14.95

Thanks for reading my review! Have a good shopping spree! Smile

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Annitr recommends Makeup Bullet HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge

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