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Written on Monday, November 13, 2017

For a long time I have been on a lookout out for the perfect makeup tool to apply my foundation. ♀️ Recently I bought a brush which I was really happy about but there was still something missing. I didn't like the way it applied my concealer so I started to look for another tool again. Recently, I found a product which I’m going to make a review of today, so - 💁🏻 The Makeup Bullet.

What is it?

The Makeup Bullet aka the " Fingerblender " allows control, speed, accuracy and flawless coverage for a variety of liquid, creme and powder cosmetics! "The Makeup Bullet™" can be used for "resting" when steadying the hand against the face for protection to freshly applied makeup from oils on the hands . "The Makeup Bullet™" can be used damp or dry and is latex-free, washable and reusable! A single sponge comes in this package. Sponges ordered directly from this website are packaged in a reusable zippered cosmetic pouch. "The Makeup Bullet™" is made in the USA.

  • Hands-free HD blending

  • Use damp or dry

  • Washable, reusable

  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free

Packaging. The packaging is superb. It’s bright and eye catching. 🙈


The sponge itself was put on a plastic stand inside.

I like the light reflecting stand behind the sponge. It really brings me into high spirits when it catches the light and reflects it with thousand of sunbeams all over my room. On the packaging you can find all the necessary information.

Inside the box there was also a flyer included with some more information and pictures.


The outer appearance of the sponge. The sponge looks like a black foam “thimble”. It’s made of soft and porous material. Despite the fact that the sponge is super soft, it’s elastic and very easy to work with.

There are two ways of using the sponge: you can hold it like a beautyblender and apply makeup, or you can put it on your finger.

The Makeup Bullet is the perfect make-up applicator to apply cosmetics! It fits snuggly on your finger so no more dropping your sponge and it frees you to hold other objects such as brushes and the proprietary shape is perfect for blending on every part of your face! It can be used multiple times and washed over and over again!

The product will never provoke any allergic reactions or something else as it’s made of good quality products. ✨

Why is The Makeup Bullet so special?

Unlike any other cosmetic sponges, you don’t have to drain this one with water. Just damp it a little bit with water or makeup spray and that’s it. You can also use it dry.


What great news! I don’t depend on a tap with water anymore. It makes the sponge so travel-friendly. And now after using the sponge I can put it in my makeup bag without worrying that it’ll rot.


How to use the sponge?

I usually spritz it with makeup spray and then start applying my makeup.

I prefer dabbing motions. Thanks to the elastic foam, the sponge sits well on my finger making the process of makeup application easy and light. I find this sponge more convenient than a beautyblender thanks to its tapered tip. With this tip it becomes way faster and easier to work with my under eye area and the area around my nose. All the hard-to-reach places are here and there are no more difficult to reach areas.

The sponge gives buildable coverage - from light to medium. It leaves no streaks or patches and it always applies the products evenly and smoothly. But still the process of makeup application doesn’t go as speedy as with a usual makeup brush. This is how my skin looks after I apply CC cream with this bullet:

How to wash:

The product is washable. And I really appreciate the fact that there’s no additional products needed to wash it. Use a usual liquid soap.

I wash it either with a liquid or with a hard soap and I like both options for sure. My sponge looks great and it no way lost its color.


I like the coverage I get from this sponge. I prefer nude makeup and don’t actually use thick in coverage foundations. ✨

Look at the blending power of the product on my skin:

There’s nothing on my face but a foundation, applied with this bullet. Don’t pay attention to my frizzy hair as the picture was taken on the beach and it was very humid there. The price is about $15.

I undoubtedly recommend The Makeup Bullet Sponge as I love everything about it. 👌🏻

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Queen_Carolina recommends Makeup Bullet HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge

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