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Written on Friday, January 12, 2018
Pros: covers up under eye circles and veins, goes a long way, long lasting, thick coverage, unscented, water resistant, wide range of colors
Cons: creases, dries skin, requires makeup primer, visible

Hello there! I decided to post my review of the product by NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP GOTCHA COVERED CONCEALER PENCIL in the colors GCCP03 and GCCP05 which I was lucky to test. In my review I’ll tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of these products.



Color: 03 and 05

Size: 0,04 oz./1.41 g

Price: $7



The pencils are thick and you should have a special bigger sharpener to sharpen them. The colors seem to be identical though they are different. The pencil tips are color coded, so you won’t confuse the colors, though in the pictures they look the same.


They were sealed with transparent tape which was easy to take off. On the seal they put a sticker with some product info.


Expiration date, color, size, manufacturer, everything can be found on the body of the pencil.


The products are almost unscented, though I can hear a light wooden smell to them.

One sharpening is enough for a few uses, so I conclude that the product will go a long way.

Once the product is new, it’s already sharp.



The formula of the products is soft and seems to be creamy for me.



The application is easy-breezy, I don’t have to press them hard to get pigment.



When I apply them on my skin, the difference becomes more visible. I like that both colors flatter my skin tone and once blended out there are no edges seen.



I use this concealer on my under-eye area, as here I have the darkest pigment that stands out.




When I applied these concealers solo without any foundation, I found out a lot of disadvantages to them. That experiment helped me to understand that the concealers should always be applied over makeup primer or foundation.

One more bad side of them is difficult blending. I tried to apply them with my fingertips, brushes, sponges and still they apply bad and are visible on the skin.

All in all the concealer doesn’t look good on the skin, especially on my forehead near the brows.

Besides, they dry out my skin while application and accentuate flaking and fine lines.




In a word, I didn’t like the result when I applied these concealers on my “bare” skin without a foundation or primer.


To the advantages of the products I can list the good coverage of dark circles and evening out of the skin tone. Though don't forget to apply the product on a primed skin.



The staying power is average and it’s easy to budge and make it look patchy. But still, if you apply it on primed skin, you won’t face that problem.

I didn’t test the products on any other face parts as I don’t need to conceal anything there.


The products are easy to wash off with micellar water. No reaction if they contact usual water, as they are water resistant.

It feels as though the water just drains down the face like on something greasy, I don’t know how to explain it. Smile

I hesitated for a long time on how many stars to give to this product and finally decided to assess it with 4 stars, as it does almost everything that it promises. One star off for bad performance on non-primed skin, as I wanted to use this product solo. Now I’ll have to use foundation as a primer for these concealers.


I recommend you buy it, though after you read carefully all the pros and cons of the product, as some of the cons can be rather important, like drying out the skin, for example.


Thanks for your attention!

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kreative91 recommends NYX Professional Makeup Gotcha Covered Concealer Pencil

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