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Written on Monday, February 26, 2018
Pros: convenient handles, dry out quickly, easy to wash off, excellent makeup brushes, good quality, soft
Cons: some peculiarities

Hello everybody!

Let’s talk about brushes. These are very important in makeup. Unfortunately regular brush sets usually offer too rough or too small or too dense brushes. And all in all it seems that they are done just to be done, not because of use.

Today I want to show you a brush set that is rather decent and will be nice for face makeup. It consists of four brushes.

I bought some brush sets for me and this one cost about $12.

Initially all the brushes were housed in a branded see-through box.

The brushes have a great brush organizer in white. It’s a stain magnet, yet very beautiful.

It’s of great quality as all the seams are even. It closes with a hook-and-loop fastener. I don’t keep my brushes in it, only while travelling and it works fine for it. At home I don’t find it convenient to open it up each time and I guess if used this way it’ll quickly become worn or broken. I don’t need that.

Also there’s a special handle which you can use to make the set stand vertically. But it’s useless, isn’t it? Only for a photo maybe, as using if it’s placed like this is absolutely inconvenient. The rubber bands are rough and I have to hold the organizer in my hands to place a brush inside. One more inconvenient thing. But I have to admit that the brushes in it looks very presentable.

The set comprises 4 brushes.

The design is beautiful. It’s sleek and fairly branded. The handles are orange. The lettering is on every brush. The handle tips are rubberized and are extremely difficult to wash off.


Synthetic taklon bristles are non-porous so do not trap or absorb product bacteria and dead skin cells, making the brushes easier to clean than other makeup brushes; these bristles are also less prone to breakage or damage and easy to keep clean and maintain.

These bristles are very soft and convenient to use. They don’t prickle my skin, don’t shed and they wash off really easy-breezy.

The brushes are superb quality-wise. I’ve been using them for more than a year and there wasn’t a bristle that fell out. I also haven’t noticed any shape changes. Nothing happened with them at all.

So now I want to speak about each brush and my ways of using it.

Buffing brush - powder brush

It’s an amazing brush. It’s soft, furry and well-packed. I use it for powder application to set my makeup. With this brush you can apply a powder with a thin coat as well as pack the product. I also tried to apply my foundation with it and I can say that it worked well. Yet I still prefer sponges or fingers for my foundation application. This brush is rather big. It picks up the product nicely and doesn’t make it crumble in the palette. All in all I’m totally delighted with it and I use it every day. I hope that this brush will go a long way bringing me all those positive emotions I experience every time.

My rate: 5 stars out of 5


Сontour brush - this is a rather versatile brush which is fine to apply blushes, contour products and highlighters.

This brush is tapered and looks like a squirrel's tail but a little bit smaller in size, of course. It’s nice for contouring and blush application. I can even use it to apply my highlighter with it. But still most frequently I use it as a blush brush. It applies the product fully as well as blends it out.

I’m absolutely happy with this brush. It’s a real versatile helper for me.

My rate: 5 stars out of 5


Pointed foundation brush - foundation application

Well, this is the worst brush from the set I think. In general I don’t like such brushes for foundation, as they all seem to apply the foundation streaky. And this one isn’t an exception. Besides it’s too small to apply foundation all over my face.

I don’t use it for foundation but I find it great for my face mask application. The brush is resilient and is just fine for masks. In this aspect I’m delighted with it.

My rate: 4 stars out of 5. I assess it rather high as buying the set I already knew that I wouldn’t use this brush for foundation. If I were to assess it as a foundation brush, I’d give it 2 stars.


Detailer Brush - a concealer and lipstick brush

This brush is a lipstick brush for me. I don’t like the way it works as a concealer brush as it also leaves streaks. However, I used it a couple of times to apply a thick concealer and it even worked well but still the fingertip concealer application is better for me as it gives better coverage of the skin blemishes. The brush is thick and very resilient.

This brush is fine to outline my lips with but when it comes to filling in my lips with a lippie, I don’t use it. I’m not pleased with this brush but still it’s good that I own it.

My rate: 3 stars out of 5.


In bulk, the set is good. I use all the brushes though some of them work for other reasons. But I’m still delighted.

The bottom line: (shortly)


★ good quality brushes that are pleasant to use

★ soft

★ dry out quickly

★ don’t lose their shape


★ The organizer is rather inconvenient but for travelling it’s quite good


★ I can’t use all the brushes for what they are aimed, as the foundation and concealer brushes leave streaks.

All in all I think I give this set 4 stars. If you count an average number you’ll see that it’s pretty fair. And if you like those ways of use that I described, I can recommend this set for you then.

If you manage to buy it on sale (like me) then it’ll be pretty fair for the quality. But for the full price I wouldn’t buy it.

It’s only up to you to decide as everybody has different opinions about this set. But if you ask me, I’d say that I recommend this Real Techniques Core Collection Hand Cut Hair Design Makeup Brush Set and will probably repurchase.


Thanks for your attention.

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El Khvos recommends Real Techniques Core Collection Hand Cut Hair Design Makeup Brush Set

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