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Written on Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Pros: applies evenly, applies with a thin layer, cheaper than the beautyblender, easy to wash, economical product usage, modern and stylish accessory, perfect coverage, you can apply liquid, as well as dry products, you can choose the intensivity of coverage
Cons: no need to wash it after each usage


Today I want to tell you about my favorite sponge by Real Techniques.

I think that you’ve already heard about this Miracle Complexion sponge. A lot of beauty bloggers, as well as cosmetics lovers love it and use it a lot.

The form of the sponge:

Miracle Complexion Sponge has some interesting details to make your makeup routine simpler and faster.

Optimize your beauty routine with this 3-in-1 multi-functional sponge.

Flat edge: for the contours around the eyes and nose

Rounded sides: blend large areas of the face with a repeated dabbing or "stippling" motion

Precision tip: covers blemishes and imperfections

How to use?

For me, this sponge is an essential part of my beauty bag. Honestly, with all my love for the Real Techniques brush - Expert face brush, this sponge is still the undoubted favorite. Why? It's all about the coverage that it creates.

Before use, the sponge must be put into a container with warm water, and then squeezed out. And then, there is one trick: the more water remains inside, the lighter the coverage will be. Do you want to apply foundation in a thick layer? Squeeze out the water well!

In the "damp" form sponge increases in size 1.5 times and becomes softer.

I apply the foundation on the flat edge of the sponge and then dab it into the skin. Thanks to the pores in the sponge, as well as to the presence of a small amount of liquid, an incredibly light, and most importantly, lightweight and even coverage is guaranteed.

No matter how thick your foundation is, you can always create a light coverage. I like to do it with a very thick concealer. And here’s the result you’ll get, if you darken the under cheekbones area and blend out a bit with the sponge.

How to take care of the sponge?

As absolutely any other cosmetic tool, the sponge requires proper cleaning. I strongly advise you to wash it after each use. Why? It becomes much more difficult to wash the dried foundation out of the sponge, rather than fresh. Moreover, the dried stains dramatically reduce the period of using the sponge. If you don’t provide the proper care to the sponge, it’ll end up rotten within a few uses.

The manufacturer advises to change the sponge every three months, but in my case everything depends on:

how often I use it. The more I use it, the faster I’ll need to replace it

taking care of it. I wash my sponge EACH time after using it. ALWAYS, that’s the rule #1 for me.

With careful handling and proper care, my sponges don’t lose their quality for up to 4-5 months.


How to clean the sponge? The RT brand has a special cleanser, but I use my shampoo or liquid soap. So, if you don’t want to waste your money on special cleansers, use the ones which are hundred percent at your disposal at home:)

Despite brushes, this sponge requires a very careful cleaning. If you have long nails, you should be even more careful, otherwise you can accidentally leave streaks or hollows. They won’t affect the efficacy of the sponge, but still the outer look will be not very pleasant.

What’s more, you mustn’t stretch the sponge while washing. How to clean it then? Everything’s very simple. Pour a bit of a shampoo in your palms and roll the sponge from all the sides to let the shampoo sink in. Then put it under a stream of warm water and continue to squeeze and unclamp the sponge until all the spots disappear. You should put the clean sponge on a towel, but do not put it on a radiator for drying.

What to do, if you can’t wash out the sponge completely?

Once it happened that I didn’t wash the sponge and left the house for a few days. Of course, the foundation inside got dried and even the shampoo couldn't help me out. But oil could. If you faced the same problem, all you need is to roll the sponge in an oil:)

I use coconut oil, but I think any would do well, the most important is not to overdo.

You’ll need to roll your sponge in oil, squeeze several times and then, do the same with the shampoo, and viola, your sponge is like a new one. I tested myself!

The advantages of the RT sponge

  • unique design, which allows to cover even the smallest parts of the face
  • the opportunity to control the foundation coverage
  • the porous texture provides even application of the foundation product
  • economical use of foundation product (my subjective opinion)
  • it’s cheaper than the Beautyblender, but the quality is just the same

Where to buy?

Absolutely at any drugstore or online, if you want.

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Wizzard13 recommends Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Miracle Complexion Sponge

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