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Written on Monday, July 29, 2019

Hello everybody!

Recently, The Balm brand won me over. I used to pay no attention to their makeup but once I tried one product from them, I headed for another one. Today I’ll tell you about 2in1 Shadow Blush Cabana Boy.

It wasn’t a spontaneous purchase of mine because I really wanted to expand my modest blush collection.


How to choose a blush

I chose it myself but the sales girl still helped me. She applied the product on my cheeks. So, I could assess whether I liked the product or not. Once I saw the result, I said that I’d buy it.



It’s a weak point of us, girls, we’re too susceptible to beautiful and cute packages.

What do I appreciate about theBalm brand most of all? Individuality!

The design is an american inspired pin-up. It also reminds me of the 50s or 60s.

The compact is actually made of thick paper with a cover on top (so as not to pop open the blush). I think it’s great and so eco-friendly.


I also love the mirror here. Well, it is small but it’s still handy and I can put on my makeup using it. Anyway, it’s better than nothing.


Also, the product won’t pop open because it has magnets inside.

A flaw - there’s no brush, sponge or applicator provided. But on the other hand, it really saves some room.


I love that the product is flat, yet the size of the refill and mirror infusion doesn’t affect it at all.

The blush is super travel-friendly.

I took it with me several times and nothing bad ever happened with it, given that the packaging is paper.

You can see for yourself how flat and handy it is:


I smiled at the lettering here:



It’s huge! I mean 8.5g will be enough to use for 10 years or something! It’s pleasant to pick up with a brush because the refill is wide. In my opinion, the refill is simple and frills-free.

The back of it has some necessary product info on the components, shelf life, manufacturer and even a scan for a tutorial.


Main info:


You deserve to indulge! Our dusty-rose blush and shadow features a subtle shimmer and plum undertones for an oh-so natural glow. Whether you’re pool-side, beach-side or bed-side, Cabana Boy is here to serve.


I know the collection offers a lot of shades to choose from, starting with pale pink and peach colors and finishing with more vibrant shades.

As for me, I opted for the shade that was standing out among others.



The shadow/blush is very well packed with pigments! If you’re a newbie, you’ll face some difficulties with it.


How to apply

I use my fat and fluffy brush and swipe it across the refill 1 time. After that, I flick off the undesired pigments.

Before application, I touch the back of my hand with a brush, so as to minimize the pigmentation for my face.

After that, I apply it to my cheeks. So, this way I apply less for a better finish. Take my word, this blush is very easy to go overboard.

You can see the results yourself. My skin is so healthy-looking with it. It’s flawless and glowing. All the pros are accentuated. This sensual and deep shade will touch the hearts of everyone.


Staying power

I know makeup products which fade away in 2-3 hours. As for theBalm makeup, it’ll come off only when you remove it. I’m glad to have this staying power. My face is fresh and blushed throughout the day. No need to touch-up!



The product is infused with shimmer. It is visible only in the sun. It doesn’t dust.

The spending is minimal because of the insane pigmentation.



My skin is pale and this shade is rather vibrant over me. So, I always try to apply the minimum of it, barely touching my face with a brush.

The shade is plum + highlighting. Such dark-pink or even mauve pink. I find it interesting and rather complicated.

This blush will open up dope over the tanned skin.


Quality and the results on my face

The blush is supreme in quality. It’s well pressed, almost doesn't dust and nicely pigmented. The shade was really worked on.


It’s easy to apply even though you still have to be careful.

I love how it works, it accentuates my makeup in general.


I love it when my makeup is natural, as though this pigmentation is my own flush but never makeup.


Honestly, this product is awesome and I want many people to know about it!


Well, it isn’t high-end but the most important thing is still quality.


It doesn’t show off my skin texture. The shade is definitely mine! The glow in the sun is breathtaking!


Also, you can dive into the 60s makeup look with this blush. The collection will inspire you for that yet still, it meets the demands of the modern community!


2 in 1? Is the shadow from the blush a good idea?

Actually, this technique is new to me.

I apply the product all over my lid or only to the corners.

The staying power in my eyes is also great and the finish is charming!

The shade is wearable and it won’t be too much. I love it as an eyeshadow too!



Nope. Can you imagine?



My skin is reactive to some ingredients but here it feels fine.



Awesome blush for everyday makeup. It won’t fade away, though you’ll have to spend some time to apply it.


Is it worth the money?

Absolutely yes! I’ll carry on buying the Balm makeup!

The quality is fantastic and the price isn’t high-end.




However, don’t hurry and still test it before purchasing, especially if you’re a Snow White.




+ eco-friendly packaging

+ pigmentation

+ big size

+ shadow + blush

+ interesting shade

+ handy packaging

+ natural-looking shimmer

+ no smell

+ unique design

+ no reaction from my skin


Con: (from me):

  • it’s easy to go overboard with it or blend out well. If you’re a beginner in the makeup world, have a look at some other shades.


With the Balm makeup, I feel like a real girl! I mean, all that lettering and design is just love at first sight! If you’re into the classy Hollywood style, it’s a hit!

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