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Written on Friday, August 30, 2019

I have a weakness for lip products. Smile I just can’t stop buying them and my collection is growing rapidly. And here, such lip kits come to save lipstick junkies.

Packaging: It’s a regular box, done in the branded design.

Unfortunately, the design of the lippies is too simple, especially when it comes to the theBalmJour collection. I have the full size from it and the deluxe sample looks really pathetic close with it…

Price: $25.00

The kit offers 6 shades of lipsticks of 2 different formulas - theBalmJour (those well-pigmented and glossy tinting lipsticks) and Plump Your Pucker (regular lip glosses)

The size of each mini is 1.2ml

The applicators of all the shades are the same. They are standard and slanted, a little bit furry, yet stiff and soft at the same time. In a word, they’re handy to use. Smile

The smell is also the same. For me, the formula smells of mint.

I already have theBalmJour lipstick and it does cool my lips a lot, for 10-15 minutes after application. But somehow, the lipsticks from this kit (I don’t mean lip glosses) don’t cool them so much. I can feel some tingling for a minute or 2, tops.

When it comes to comfortable wear, they’re the same. Pleasant stability. Smile None of them dries out my lips or define flaking skin. However, I can’t say they’re lip friendly either. But that wasn’t stated, so okay.

And now, a few words about each shade.

So, theBalmJour. I have 4 lipsticks from this collection and they all have one and the same drawback. You see, they settle into my lip texture. And it only comes to the contour of my lower lip. Oddly enough, they perform awesome in my lip corners which are usually said to be the most problematic. I don’t mean that settling is awful but they smooth out within 15 minutes. That’s magic. Smile Anyway, the problem can be easily solved with the help of a clear lip liner before the lipstick application. Usually, I don’t even give it a damn thing, after all that creasing is obvious only from a very close distance.

The texture is like lip glosses - gooey and average in thickness. Given all that the lippies aren’t sticky or anything. The finish is glossy.

The staying power is average. They aren’t transfer-proof, so they don’t come off but gradually fade away. After that, they leave a staining finish which is rather long-wearing but still dreading of fatty food. The shade Namaste is an exception. It tints my lips like there’s no tomorrow.


Chameleon lipstick. Smile The shade is interesting and warm. Sometimes it seems redder, while other times it’s more like pink-toned. :)This one is the biggest badass when it comes to creasing.

It doesn't stain my lips too much.


This is the shade which had to be named like “don’t-trust-the-official-swatches.” There, it looks true red-toned. However, in life, this shade turned out more wearable and pretty. Such a warm peach-red nude.

The main feature of this shade can be seen from a picture - it feels like my skin peeks through it and that seems weird. It’s noteworthy, there’s no such finish in life. I was super surprised when I saw it in the picture. I even had to take other pictures several times until I understood what’s wrong. It happened not only with me, by the way.

The stain isn’t severe either.

NamasteOh, bloody berry-pink shade that’s to die for. Smile I love this shade because it’s the least creasing one, even though the shade somehow hints that I might have problems with it.

It stains my lips like hell. It can live through anything. Here, I’ve been wearing it for 6 hours and I didn’t even try to turn down food or tissues.

Let’s pass over to the Plump Your Pucker collection.

The texture is also like a lip gloss. The finish is glossy and the lipsticks aren’t tacky at all. They never crease with that nasty white film on my inner lip.

The staying power is for a couple of hours. They gradually fade out and the glossy shine disappears.

The shades Overstate and Amplify are regular clear lip glosses.

The shimmer can be detected on the lips if you wonder.

In all other respects, the shimmer is nicely-milled and not too discomforting, even though I do feel it.


This is an averagely pigmented lip gloss, so mind the finish which will highly depend on your natural lip color. As for me, it appears too patchy and a little bit ashy-rose-peach nude. In the swatches on the net, it’s absolutely different. Sometimes, it even looks brown. Smile

It doesn’t feather, even though it performs odd on my hand.

In fact, it’s a good lip gloss for daily wear.


It’s a clear-based lip gloss with golden shimmer infusion. In fact, it differs from Amplify only in the shimmer color. Smile


The base color with pink shimmer.

They are regular lip glosses with a detectable on the lips shimmer. But somehow I fell for them so much this summer. Smile In a world, they won’t live to the end of this year. Actually, I’ll even have to try hard not to use them up before September comes. Smile

Do I recommend this kit? Absolutely yes! Here they provide us with a good color selection. You see, they’re all different. I love them all and wear them all too. Moreover, it’s a good chance to try out several formulas. And the small size gives you a chance to use all of them up. Smile

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Sorelle recommends The Balm Mini Lip Gloss Kit

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