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The Balm Mini Lip Gloss Kit - reviews

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  • An awesome 6-shade kit from The Balm

    Sorelle's picture

    I have a weakness for lip products. I just can’t stop buying them and my collection is growing rapidly. And here, such lip kits come to save lipstick junkies. Packaging:  It’s a regular box, done in the branded design.

  • My favorite kit!

    WinterCloud's picture

    Recently, I bought this kit of 6 lipsticks from 2 different collections, as far as I know. Sorry for my bitten lips. My nerves are frayed but I still want to wear makeup. But even here I can still look at the positive side. Let’s have a look at each shade on my lips. 1. Hola!

Type: Kit
Brand: The Balm
Category: Make-Up
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