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Written on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hello everybody…

I know that the trend for matte lipsticks is slowly coming off but still there are a lot of people who are very much hooked on matte lippies. I think I’m among the worshipers. So, my today’s review will be on these matte liquid lipcolors.

Liquid matte lipsticks have been the most popular trend so far and today I’m bringing you my review of the BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor in four shades.

BareMinerals isn’t low-end cosmetics, I deem I can compare it with some high-end brands in terms of prices.

The products cost a lot, though they offer a great quality in return.

Price - $19

Volume - 4ml

Made in the USA

The lipsticks I’m reviewing are packed into usual lipstick tubes.

The stick itself is matte and see-through. I appreciate that I can see the color of the product in the packaging and be sure that I’ll get the same result on my lips as the color is true to life.

On the stick there isn’t much product information, though there are some general facts.

The black top is also a basement for the applicator, which is super-mega-cool by the way. The applicator itself is very soft and thick. It takes out as much product as needed. With its help I can easily contour my lips evenly and neatly, as well as distribute the product all over my lips. The quality of the applicator is the same in all the colors.

And the most interesting…

Let’s start with having a closer look at the lipsticks…

The texture is creamy, very pleasant and comfortable. The formula is easy to apply and distribute over the lips. It dries down to an opaque matte finish. The product doesn't dry out or tighten my lips at all. I like the way it doesn’t show flaking and on the contrary smoothes it away.


I’d call the 80945 Swag shade the color of an ash rose, as it combines the beigy-pink shades that looks beautiful on the lips. In different lights it looks different and can be either more beige or more pink-like but still remain looking gorgeous.


The 80951 Frenemy is my fave as it has its stunning pink undertones to it. Indoors it looks muted pink while outside it blossoms bright, though not vulgar at all.



The 81425 Weekend is a very beautiful and dark beige color that looks a little bit orange. I like that it’s bright and positive. With this color on you’ll definitely grab all the attention.


This 81716 XYZ has a very strange name, as well as the color. It won’t suit everybody. It’s a good chocolate beige color that looks very bold on the lips. Even in the sunniest weather it’ll look dark brown, though it has some red undertone to the formula that makes the lippie interesting and not boring.



All the lippies are great quality-wise, the only thing is I can’t say that they are totally matte. Yes, they are matte though with some satin cast that is more obvious in one lippie and more muted in the other. I don’t know why but I still really love these lipsticks.



- nice design

- great quality applicator

- nicely pigmented lipsticks that give good natural lips hiding pigment

- a little goes a long way and if you want you can always build up the coverage

- the products are beautifully scented with hot chocolate notes making me wanna eat them

- creamy texture allows the formula glide on the lips

- the products don’t feather or crease

- when drying out they don’t tighten my lips or cause any discomforting feelings

- the lippies don’t crack or crumble during the day

- if I touch my lips, I can feel that velvety finish to the touch

- the products are uber comfortable during wear

- the staying power is excellent - 5-6 hours

- the removal is with makeup removers or wipes


I guess that these are the best liquid lipsticks which are totally worth their money. These lippies will never make your look worse, on the contrary they’ll help to enhance your lips beauty and they’ll never let you down no matter how important the moment is.

All in all, currently these are one of my favorite liquid lipsticks and of course I do recommend them for purchasing to everybody who is obsessed with matte lipsticks as much as I am.

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Love-is recommends BareMinerals GEN NUDE™ Matte Liquid Lipcolor

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