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Written on Thursday, January 25, 2018


Hello everybody!


I constantly use eyeshadow primers in my makeup, since the skin of my eyelids is oily and therefore eyeshadows fade quickly. Over time, diving deeper into the cosmetic world, I found my perfect eyeshadow base and I forgot about the problem of fading shadows. I wouldn’t believe that some other product could surpass and replace it. Having received a sample of this eyelid BB cream primer, I did not give it much attention. I thought I would try it out someday, the fact that there was a BB cream for eyelids evoked my curiosity, plus I never used any face BB creams.


The sample contains about 0,05 oz. Not much, but you don’t apply this product everyday. I didn’t count how many times I have already used it, but with confidence I can say that this product is very economical.


The volume of a full-sized product is only 0.13 oz for $29


Okay, maybe the price is high, but the product is truly outstanding.


Full product name: BB Eye Cream Benefit Air Patrol SPF 20 PA +++)



Product promises:


What it is:A BB cream eyelid primer that color corrects while it protects with broad spectrum SPF 20.What it is formulated to do:This hydrating primer is infused with SPF 20 and an EnviroDefend complex, which aids in guarding the delicate eyelid area from sun, smoke, and pollutants. Air Patrol's universal shade color corrects and ensures that eyeshadows stay put with its ultrasoft CushionCalm™ tip.Research results:In a consumer panel survey on 70 women after 1 week:- 91% said it extends the wear of eyeshadow- 94% said it relieves dryness- 93% said it feels calming and soothingBeauty Tip:Going shadow-free? Wear air patrol alone—the special shade gives natural-looking color correction on all skin tones.


Appearance (package):


I will not describe the full-size version of this BB cream, because I did not hold it in my hands. See the photo collage (the full-sized version of the product is on the right). But I believe this is a very user-friendly little thing.


The sample version of BB cream is a small-sized soft plastic tube with a long nozzle, thanks to which, the product easily comes out.



The mini version was in a cardboard package containing a lot of information about the product, including the list of ingredients.





Country of origin: France.


It is recommended to use the product within six months after the opening.




I don’t want to get on to the subject of chemical ingredients, like I do with skincare products. However, this one contains a few UV shields so the words SPF 20+++ are actually true.



If I’m not mistaken, there is no palette of shades, this BB cream is available in one shade only. It is ideal for fair skin, and it has a yellow undertone, which perfectly masks the blue spots on my eyelids and in the undereye area.

Attention! - The product is recommended to use only for the eyelids - it's not a sort of concealer for under the eyes. However, I applied it in that area, just out of curiosity and I can say that this BB cream spreads easily over the skin without stretching it and conceals the dark circles beautifully. But I did not wear it for long, so I can not say how it will behave on wrinkles (I suppose, like any concealer by the end of the day it would settle into creases and thereby emphasize them, especially if a face powder is applied over it).


Product properties:


The consistency of the product is pretty liquidy, but at the same time very tenacious to the skin (I find it difficult to explain). I apply this BB cream onto the eyelids with my fingers. The product quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving no spots or lumps on it. The skin of the eyelids becomes smooth, all defects disappear. Also, it becomes kind of sticky to the touch. The eyeshadows are applied and blended effortlessly over this primer, which also makes them look more vivid. Plus, this BB primer improves the durability of the eyeshadows like any base does.





BB cream in comparison with other eyeshadow primers.

I really like using the BB Eye Cream when I do not want to accentuate eyes in my makeup, but at the same time, when I want to protect the gentle skin on the eyelids from sun, dust, environmental factors etc.


Without makeup: thin skin and visible blue blood vessels

Applied this BB cream onto the eyelid.




Like any primer, this BB cream makes eyeshadows appear more vivacious and bright. I tried it with the Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette.


1. Eyeshadows applied without any eyeshadow base

2. Eyeshadows applied over Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream


Eye makeup.


Advantages of the product:


  • easily spreads over the skin of the eyelids,
  • corrects all skin imperfections,
  • shadows look brighter and more intense when applied over this BB cream,
  • prolongs the durability of shadows,
  • protects the eyelids - SPF 20 PA +++.


I found no shortcomings in this product.


Evaluation: 5 stars. This is a great product, and a full-size tube is on my wish list now.


Thank you for reading my review!


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innerLight recommends Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer

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