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Written on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hey everyone!


I’m still on the hunt for a perfect mascara that would meet all my requirements. I divide all mascaras into 2 groups: for casual wear and for special occasions.

The Benefit They're Real Mascara belongs to the first group for me. Even the name implies it somehow.


I got the mini version with 3g of the product from a beauty box.

I’ve been using it daily for more than 3 months already and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I guess the full-size tube will last forever.

The mini tube is of a very good quality. It’s very nice that it also comes in a paper package like full-size:

On the package you can find the statistics about the performance of this mascara:

Well, it promises to give everything yet make my lashes look natural. Sounds too good to be true.

The tube itself is also quality made and nice to hold in my hands. The writing didn’t fade or come off during these months.

Brush wand

I’m obsessed with the brush wand, it’s so quality! Firstly, it’s sturdy and made of plastic or something similar. Plus, it doesn’t prickle.

The bristles are quite dense and comb through my lashes well.

Secondly, the tip of the wand has the bristles too that coat even the hardest-to-get lashes.

Usually I’ve been using it for the outer corner of my eyes only, the area an ordinary brush couldn’t reach. In the pictures you can see that the limiter works really well. The brush distributes the product evenly without clumping.



The list of the ingredients was indicated on the paper package. I hope this information will be useful for those who know something about it:

Texture and smell

The texture is a little bit tacky. I don’t usually coat my lower lashes, but when applying the mascara to my upper lashes, the lower ones are unexpectedly colored too. Applying too much to the lower lashes causes clumps in the inner corners of my eyes, so keep it in mind.

All in all, the texture is rather dry than liquid, because there are no clumps after use.

In terms of the smell, it’s nothing special. The product has a typical mascara smell that is not off-putting or too sweet. I feel comfortable wearing it.


My experience with the product:

I have quite thick and medium-length lashes without any curl. My lashes point downwards, so I expect any mascara to give me curl and length. Also, voluptuous lashes without clumping would be great.

The mascara looks amazing in one coat. It ensures an even application, good separation and nice curl.

Applying the second coat to the dry one ensures the opposite effect. Hello, clumps and awkward-looking lashes! The application is not even. My lashes have no curl and feel very heavy.

One coat yet a very thick one is perfect for me. As a result, my lashes look very natural yet really impressive.

The pros:

Smile Fixes the curl well. However, the curl is not like crazy but very natural. Actually I love when my lashes have an incredible curl, but this one is alright for wearing on a weekday.

Smile Not flaky. The mascara stays put all day and doesn’t leave any fallout or flakes in my eyes.

Smile Lengthens my lashes well. It colors my dull lashes well, which provides such an effect. I like that this mascara doesn’t make my lashes look like a cut stick. I mean they look very natural.

Smile Separates my lashes perfectly. The brush wand is the reason for that. It is really convenient to use. It combs through my thin and hard-to-reach lashes easily.

I especially love when mascaras coat my lashes on the outer corner of my eyes well. This product performs great here.


The cons:

Sad Hard to remove. It’s kind of odd for me, because the product is not waterproof. It doesn’t wash off with micellar water or cleansing oil perfectly the first time. How I do it: I remove makeup - wash my face with water - see mascara residue - remove residue. I guess it’s the cost for good staying power.

Sad Starts clumping when the expiry date is coming. I’ve noticed such a peculiarity that it doesn't apply evenly and perfectly as before when it runs lows and dries out. Moreover, clumps may sometimes appear. I think that this mascara is getting thicker, which means I have to throw it away.


Price: $24


All in all, I’d like to note that Benefit managed to create a great everyday mascara. It doesn’t provide any dramatic, fluffy and super long lashes, but it ensures natural-looking makeup which is real.

I think it’s a good option that is worth your attention.


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