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Written on Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Pros: a little goes a long way, beautiful glow effect, big volume, can be used as eyeshadow, easy to use
Cons: fragile packaging

Today I’ll be talking about the hyped up Bobbi Brown schimmerbrick. If you want to know whether you need it or not, read this review to the end and you’ll find out the answer. Let’s get started Smile

The product seems too golden in this picture, although it's actually more pinkish
The product seems too golden in this picture, although it's actually more pinkish


I have it in Pink Quartz. It’s a mix of soft pink gold with a neutral glow. At the beginning I thought that this shade was only suitable for girls with a hint of pink, but I was wrong. I have skin with an olive undertone, but it looks very natural on me.

The shade Pink Quartz won’t suit girls with fair or dark skin. It’s kind of neutral, but it has a pink-gold touch.

In my opinion it’s the best product among all the non limited editions of this brand, even though Nectar is the most popular shade out there. By the way, the latter has a visible touch of pink with a little bit of orange. Another decent shade will probably be Beige. It would look great against fair and a slightly tanned skin tone. However, it’ll be too light for girls with dark skin.

The packaging is typical for high-ends, I love it. The box is sleek and black. On the cap you can find the logo and nothing else.

Volume: 10.3 g, which will last forever.

The highlighter is applied to my bare skin
The highlighter is applied to my bare skin


I have an abundance of highlighters. There are 7 of them in my makeup bag, but today I’d like to compare Bobbi Brown with Guerlain Meteorites and one of the highlighting shades of Tarte palettes.

I’ll describe them according to the following terms:

  1. Texture

  2. A little goes a long way?

  3. Glow effect

  4. Price

1. Bobbi Brown 2. Guerlain Meteorites 3. Tarte Highlighter
1. Bobbi Brown 2. Guerlain Meteorites 3. Tarte Highlighter

Bobbi Brown Highlighter:

  1. It has a thick texture, which is a little bit dusty when applying. The brushes with natural and very soft bristles won’t suit. I apply the product with a synthetic brush and blend it out with my fingers.

  2. Goes a really long way.

  3. The glow can be intensified if desired. The highlighter has some glowing particles in it, but they are so fine, that they create a dewy effect after blending out.

  4. Around $49.

Guerlain Meteorites in the shade No.3 Medium:

1. It has fragile yet have tightly pressed pearls of powder, which can actually break while transferring. It’s best applied with a big brush with natural bristles so you don't damage the pearls.

2. It doesn’t go a long way, really. The product has 25 g, but I’ve used up more than half of it over a year given that I’ve been using it every 3 days.

3. The glow is very gentle and can be intensified. However, you won’t get a very strong or visible glow.

4. Around $62.


The Tarte palette:

  1. Tightly pressed texture. You should apply it with a synthetic brush or with your fingers.

  2. Goes a really long way.

  3. The glow is quite potent and strong. The shade I have is white-silver and it won’t suit tanned skin tone. Apply it very softly, otherwise you get white streaks.

  4. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember the price, because it was a limited edition, which was delivered along with a huge eyeshadow palette. The whole set costed me around $100.

PROS AND CONS of Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick:


  • not dusty

  • tightly pressed

  • big volume

  • nice packaging

  • big mirror

  • a little goes a long way

  • incredibly beautiful glow on my skin



  • fragile packaging. The sales assistant did not recommend carrying it around in a handbag.

  • no brush

  • the mirror doesn’t open more than 90 degrees.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m glad that I bought this highlighter. However, this product won’t give you an incredibly strong glow, because its glow is very delicate and soft. Although it doesn’t belong to my beauty essentials, it’s very nice to have and use it!

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