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Written on Friday, December 21, 2018

I’ve rewritten this review at least 4 times, each time overcome either with love, or hate, or disappointment. As a result, this review tells everything about this foundation, its pluses, minuses and the difficulties I had using it.


The Bobbi Brown boutique always drove me crazy. I always wanted to go in there and try out something. My foundation from MAC was slowly coming to its end and I decided to buy something from Bobbi Brown line. Curiosity burned in me.


And here it is:




The foundation is in a frosted glass bottle. The bottle is equipped with a dispenser and cap. Everything is very simple and tasteful. The necessary information is to be found on the box.







I have chosen the foundation with a matte finish, as my combination skin tends to shine where it is unwanted.


I swatched colors on my cheek and took 1, 25 Cool Ivory.


According to the manufacturer, this foundation is only suitable for oily and combination skin. It mattifies the skin and makes it look more attractive.


The consistency of the cream is gel-like and somehow "rubbery". The foundation smells like men’s perfume, but the smell is pleasant.


Application and result


Along with this, I bought a primer. Therefore, I will also tell you how I used the foundation both with and without it.


The foundation can be applied with a finger and a brush. With fingers, the coverage is dense, with a brush it’s more even. Besides, I don’t like to get my fingers dirty


... Therefore, the choice is obvious for me!


I have a favorite brush, which I apply various foundations with and am always satisfied with the result. This is a duo fiber brush with long bristles. Yes, I know, this brush is not for foundations, but I liked the result. However, this foundation is different.

Dipped into it, my brush was leaving streaks on my skin that had to be corrected with fingers.


So I bought an oval brush with a diagonal cut. With this one, this foundation applies perfectly.


Preparing my skin for the Long-Wear Weightless Foundation was stressful.


There was no difference, no matter if I did or did not use the primer. Only at the end of the day the difference was noticeable, namely the reaction of the skin.

I thought it would be reasonable to use the primer from the same brand.


Since I have a combination skin, face shine is visible in the T-zone and chin. But as it turned out, the foundation does not work with the primer. It felt rubbery and everything was sticking to my face (like hair etc.). It was far from pleasant.


This is what I got by the end of the day:


Then I decided to apply the foundation immediately after I’ve washed my face. But, that was also a bad idea, my skin felt tight and started to moisturize itself. So the result was the same - a shiny face (like with the primer).


Then I decided to apply the foundation over my moisturizer and voila, I got the best result: the foundation is beautifully applied and fixed. And I almost fell in love, but unfortunately at the end of the day my face shone again.


One more thing, when using a mattifying wipe, you remove not only the excess face oil, but also the foundation ...

Also, those who wear glasses should be especially careful: the skin under the rims of the glasses starts to sweat and the foundation seems to dissolve ... So you’ll get a spot without any foundation at all on your face.


I also tried the Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation in all seasons.


In summer, the face shine appears immediately after the application, so it’s better not to apply any face powder at all, because it will crumble off.


It's a bit easier when it’s cold. I would not recommend the foundation for the summer! Also for daily use, it is too heavy, I would like to say yes you can use the foundation for special occasions, but you’d better not. The foundation looks decent about 4 hours. 16 hours wear is out of question.

The bottom line: I wish I could say anything good about this foundation, anything! Maybe it does even out my face, but not for long. It’s a shame, but Bobbi Brown has disappointed me.

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