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Written on Saturday, April 28, 2018
Pros: beautiful shade, convenient in use, doesn’t clog pores, goes well with any moisturizer, gradual tan, lightweight, natural looking

I bought this Clarins product in summer, and used it up in February, so I guess we can conclude that the product goes a long way and that the price is pretty reasonable then.

The plastic package is actually a dropper with a thin nozzle. The bottom is rubber and once you push it, the drops easily come out of the dropper. And all that beauty closes with a tight top cap which makes the product super easy in use. The package looks neat from the beginning and remains the same good-looking till the very last drop.

Inside the cardboard box they put instructions for use:

  • You need to take your regular amount of moisturizer. I tried to use a lot of moisturizers and I can say that this booster works well with all of them.

  • Then add three drops of the product to make your tan look more glowy and visible and 2 drops just for maintaining the look. I always use three drops if I missed one day. But in general I don’t need to intensify my tan.

  • Mix your moisturizer with the booster drops (it’s very easy and quick). Of course if you use a very thick and overnight cream, the mixing might take longer.

  • Apply the mixture over your face and neck. I also can apply it over my decollete. If you have a desire you can apply the mixture all over your body, the only thing is that you’ll have to take more moisturizer and drops. The booster doesn’t change the properties of this or that cream. It won’t make your skin look oily or scent the cream with some weird smell.

  • And the last but by no means least is the process of washing your hands after the procedure. Pay special attention to your skin around your nails. This is the only and pretty minor con of this product for me, as I’m more into spreading the leftovers of the self-tanner over my hands, but here, I have to wash it off with water. But it’s just the quirks of mine, nothing serious.

And that’s all. The result will be visible over some time. Your skin will become more and more tanned-looking with each use of the booster. I’ve never had any streaks or stains of this product on my skin.

One of the popping features of this self-tanner over the other ones, is that the Clarins booster is highly concentrated with active ingredients and components. The formula was specially designed to be used along with some other skin care product by Clarins: as its active components contact with amino acids which predominate in the horny layer of our skin, making it look tanned and colored. Though this booster can’t be used as an UV filter, as it doesn’t have any SPF components to it.

As I was told in a beauty shop by the sales representative, the thing is that the booster makes the natural melanin of the skin work and this is why we get such a natural looking tan the next day. I can’t say if it’s true or it isn’t but I can say for sure that my skin looks as though I spent all day laying in the spring sun and there isn’t any hint of unnatural or yellow pigment to my skin. At the same time I want to warn you and say that if you cleanse your face with a cotton pad, you’ll see some yellow pigment on it, though the product will never stain your pillow or clothes.

The product washes off gradually within a week maybe.

It was pretty challenging to catch the right light on my face, so I decided to show you the result on the back of my hand after two days of using the product. (the light is electric here)

I deem it’ll be pretty difficult to get a rather obvious tan with this product but I’m more into the sun-kissed looks. This booster makes my complexion beautiful and glowing with health. Yet at the same time it doesn’t cause any negative reactions like pores clogging, etc. What’s more, I guess the product additionally takes care of my skin as well. And the subtle yet visible result makes the people around me question me about my tan.

I highly recommend this Clarins Radiance-Plus Glow Booster to everybody who want to make their skin look sun-kissed and beautiful. Even fair-skinned girls will love it! As for me, I’ve already purchased a bigger bottle for tanning the whole body.

Price: $32

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Xansa recommends Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

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