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Written on Thursday, May 3, 2018
Pros: a little goes a long way, beautiful shade, convenient to use, easy to wash off, gradual tan, lightweight texture that doesn’t clog pores, streak-free
Cons: there’s some peculiar scent to the product

Hello girls! Smile Today I want to tell you about my SOS-product by Clarins which literally helps me to look tanned all year round. This product will be a must for all those people who live far away from the south and can’t afford a beach holiday because of their job or financial problems.

I saw this product in one of the beauty blogs and quickly wanted to test it out myself, as it was just the moment when I had to spend a few months without any opportunity to be exposed to the sun. I really like the way my skin looks when it’s “sun-kissed”. This way I don’t have to wear so much cosmetics and in general my complexion looks better and cheeks smaller. I’m serious. Smile

I bought this Addition Concentré Eclat - Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster in a duty free-shop.

The product was initially packed in a cardboard packaging of a gradient brown color. It’s such a pleasure to open the box each time, as it opens like a pencil case. Smile

Inside you’ll also find instructions.

On the box itself there’s some info about the manufacturer and ingredients of the booster.

Well, I have to confess and say that I expected the container with the liquid to be bigger. But in reality, it turned out to be a small vial of 15 ml.

But later I found out that the product is super economical and will really go a very long way.

It expires within 18 months after opening.

The liquid is housed in a dark-brown plastic vial.

Instead of the upper part you’ll find a small nozzle to get the liquid out and instead of the bottom part, there’s a rubber pusher. Smile

These two part actually form the so-called “dropper” for the product inside.

The “dropper” always works fine and 1 press always means 1 drop of the liquid. The liquid is to be mixed with your regular moisturizer and applied all over your face. The instructions provided is very easy to understand. There are also some pictures to accompany the information for better understanding of the process of working and application of the liquid. Smile

As for me, I always mix a few drops of this booster with my daytime facial moisturizer but if you want your tan to look more obvious, then you can also mix the product with your overnight facial cream. For me 3 drops of the booster mixed with the regular amount of my daytime moisturizer are enough to apply over my face, neck and chest. This is very important to apply this product to the other parts of the face, otherwise there’s a chance to look dull and non harmonious.

The booster drops are runny and they easily mix into my moisturizer, giving it a beigy-ish undertone.

I want to highlight it again that for a harmonious look, you’d better apply this cream mixture over your neck and chest as well! In general I do believe that we should take care not only of our faces but neck and chest as well.

The only disadvantage for me about this product is its strange smell. But on the other hand I understand that almost all the self-tanners smell the same.

I bought this booster from a duty-free shop and it cost about 20 with a discount. I guess this little babe will be enough for me to be used within 2 winter seasons and 2 falls as well. So, the price is pretty reasonable then. Smile Moreover, for maintaining a good-looking sun-kissed skin, you don’t have to use this booster every day. 2 -3 times a week will be enough.

And now, let’s pass over to the result!

I’ve already said that I use this booster in the morning.

Here’s the BEFORE shot:

And I want to say that I’ve seen the result after a week of using this product. I got a very beautiful and natural-looking tanned skin. In the photo, I wear only a moisturizer and some blusher. I don’t wear any foundation or powder by the way. I really like the way the product looks against my skin. Smile

Here’s the AFTER shot when I used the booster for about a week in the morning:

If you have good skin, then this booster + your regular moisturizer can really replace any BB or CC cream for you. Smile At least any lightweight and daytime makeup can be easily made without CC or BB creams if you’re using this booster.


I want to list the following advantages of the booster:

1. It applies beautifully and streak- and stain-free. There hasn’t ever been any accident when I got an uneven skin tone with this product.

2. The product doesn’t affect my skin negatively. I mean it doesn’t irritate it, doesn’t clog pores or make it look red.

4. The tanned skin eventually looks yellow- or red- pigment free. In general my tan looks super natural.


So, I highly recommend you give this product a go yourself. The most important thing is to find the right amount of drops to mix with your moisturizer. If you have pale complexion, I deem it’ll be good for you to start with 2 drops and mix them well while application, especially near your hairline. Smile

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Matendel recommends Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

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