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Written on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hi makeup fans, let me add more glow.

I love all this glowing stuff. I can manage without lipstick or mascara, but I would never abandon highlighters! A little drop of glow on my cheekbones or in the inner corner of the eye can transform the appearance and make skin look beautiful, which is the foundation of any makeup. There is never too much glow.

So let me tell you about all the pluses and minuses of this highlighter more precisely.

It comes housed in a stick which eases the application process since no brush is required. Moreover, you don’t have to be a makeup professional to apply it.

The stick is pink and eye-catching in comparison with the black NYX packagings we all are accustomed to. Plus, the color of the stick corresponds to the color of the content. All the necessary information can be found on the packaging.

There is only one color in the line, but I hope NYX will add darker and warmer shades too. This one is beige pink and pearly.

The stick is big and I reckon the highlighter will last for a few years since it’s pretty economical. The slanted top is handy because it’s easy to draw a thin line with the sharp end.

The highlighter is pearly. The glow is very delicate. In case of thick application, it may make skin appear paler, but thanks to the formula it’s not easy to overdo.

The formula is creamy which means it applies in a non-sticky layer and doesn’t dry on the skin. So it’s better to apply just a little bit and over a powdery foundation.

The coverage is even, without gaps or clumps.

The glow is dewy and delicate. It’s sheer and barely visible on the face.

In this photo the highlighter is lit up with the sun and you can see its pearly glow.So, its:


  • creamy and melting (I mean it doesn’t dry on the skin)
  • pearly, sheer and pink
  • dewy


How to use?

I apply it according to the well-known scheme onto the following areas:


  • cheekbones
  • nose
  • cupid’s bow
  • chin (sometimes)

Since the formula is lightweight and melting, the highlighter doesn’t erase (or destroy in any other way) the foundation. It softens and even moisturizes the skin.

The stick is handy and easy to use. Sometimes I blend out the highlighter with my finger, though.

The effect is more than natural and resembles the one I get with dewy foundations.

It would be really visible on matte skin. First I applied a foundation, then a very classy powder from NYX and then, after I got a matte effect with no shine, I applied this highlighter and it gave my skin a natural healthy look which I appreciate so much.

Also it reminds me of a pearly lip balm, since it has soothing properties too.

This highlighter is perfect for everyday makeup when you are in need of a healthy glow. Plus, the shimmery particles are almost invisible.

By the way, the shade is really versatile since it applies in a sheer layer and may go even with tanned skin. The most important thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you may end up with over-highlighted spots.



It always depends on skin type and makeup base. On a moisturizer or oily skin the highlighter will last until the first touch, so be careful when applying such a melting texture.

But I wouldn’t recommend that you combine this highlighter with moisturizing creams or oily skin. It would better go with dry or mattified skin.

Dose of Dew Face Gloss makes fine lines appear less visible so those with aging skin should really opt for creamy textures rather than for dry ones.

So, what do we have?


  • Creamy formula
  • Light coverage
  • A pearly pink
  • Most delicate glow
  • Won’t go with oily skin or dewy foundation
  • Economical

I would assess this product with four stars. I wish the glow was more intensive plus I would prefer a gel-like formula. But in general it’s great for dry and dull skin.

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Donna Helen recommends NYX Dose of Dew Face Gloss Glow Stick Highlighter

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