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Written on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I have this primer in the color 01 that is aimed at fighting the signs of fatigue.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Packaging ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The product retails in a branded box.

The primer itself is packed into a soft tube of 30ml. I really appreciate the presence of a pump here. I don’t know the way it’ll work when the product will be almost used up but now it makes the use of the primer way easier for me. It works nicely and I love that it allows to control the amount of the product coming out.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Description ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Clarins SOS primer smells nicely as though of fresh cucumbers. The texture is of average thickness.

The primer is of a tender pink shade with some obvious shimmer.


I guess that thanks to the presence of shimmer I can see the real fight of the signs of fatigue as the shimmer reflects the light. In my opinion this primer doesn’t suit for wearing alone. (I know that some girls with good skin used to wear the previous version of this product solo)


The spending is average as I need two presses of the pump to get enough of the product to cover my face. The primer expires within 18 months but I deem I’ll use it up sooner if I continue to use the product every day.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My experience with the Clarins SOS primer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The product gives slight moisture to my skin yet it still can’t replace my daytime face cream. Unfortunately the product won’t do anything with skin peeling, so if you have it, then the Clarins SOS primer won’t help you.


The primer looks like a light highlighter. It’s visible under a foundation product. And if you wear it alone you are sure to end up looking oily and shiny but if you apply it before applying foundation, then you’ll get a beautiful lit from within skin effect. By the way, the foundation applies well over this primer and I appreciate what a thin layer it creates.


I’ve been using this product for three weeks already and I can assure you that it hasn’t clogged my pores or inflamed my skin.

Honestly, I can’t see much difference on my skin with or without this primer. Only in the electric light I sometimes can see some small shimmer on my face. But it’s notable that when I do wear this primer, I always get tons of compliments on how fresh and smooth my skin looks, which proves that the product actually works.


♥♥♥ Overall: The primer is nice to use. I like the way my foundation easily applies over it. I’m not so sure that everybody will need it but if you like face primers or you want to start but you just don’t know what to start with, then the Clarins SOS Primer is definitely the product you’d better have a look at.

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vmary recommends Clarins SOS Primer

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