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Written on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Finally I have time to write a review of the renewed Clarins primer collection. Let’s start, as I think my review will be rather BIG.

✅ I bought 2 shades of this primer: Pink (01) and Green (04) and the shade (00) I got as a sachet and tubed gift. 🤗 I deem it’ll go a long way, almost as long as the full sized products.

✅ Price: $39 for an item.

✅ The renewed collection includes 6 primer shades. You can easily find yours depending on your skin concerns and needs. 👍 It’s so convenient, isn’t it? I’m in love!


✅ The primers come with a pumped tube which look almost the same as the previous launches by the brand.

✅ The pump works nice and gives out the right amount of the product to be enough for one use over the entire face.

Let’s have a closer look at each shade.


Shade #04 🙌

Here you can see the tiniest shimmer to the formula. The scent of the products is alike and is no way different from the previous collection.

It applies on my skin beautifully, as though gliding over it.

The green primer is less moisturizing in comparison with the pink primer. It makes my complexion a little bit fairer, camouflaging the appearance of pores, evening out my skin tone and making my skin look smooth and free of red spots.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that there isn’t a primer from the entire collection to diminish the appearance of well visible skin blemishes. The green primer can accentuate flaking, so you’d better prime your skin before applying this product. Yet I still take this green primer as the best one for me out of the whole collection as it’s the most camouflaging.

😍💓 The pink primer is aimed at fighting the signs of fatigue.

💓 It’s more moisturizing than the previous product and it doesn’t show flaky bits and I think it’s a little bit easier and more pleasant to apply on the skin. 💓 The shimmer is more obvious here. If you ask me to compare this primer with the old version, then I can say that the coverage remained the same, which is fine and the shimmer is less obvious here. The blackheads disappear easy-breezy.

💓 You can apply this product all over your face and be sure that you won’t end up having your face shining bright like a diamond. 🤗 But I found my own way of application which is the following: I apply the pink primer all over my face and then apply some green primer only on my T-zone.


💓 In this picture with a flashlight I didn’t blend the primer out fully, so I guess it can be used as a highlighter too.

💓 The result on my face !!! 💓🤗 Can you see that the reddening has become less obvious and the blackheads appearance is smaller? There’s also a healthy glow to my face.


🤦‍♀️And now let’s have a look at the white primer which really made me puzzled. I would have never called this product a face primer!

♀️ The effect it does looks too “wet” and my face shines like greasy shit!

✅ the application is easy and I must say that its texture is more moisturizing and melting than of the pink primer.

✅ Here I tried to blend this product out as much as possible!

🤦‍♀️ The shimmer particles are small but there are so many of them that I have nothing to do but to take this primer as a highlighter after all. In the photo I applied it over my cheekbones. In comparison with the Dolce&Gabbana Sheer Radiance Makeup Base and Tom Ford Illuminating Primer, this white Clarins product really makes me raise my eyebrows.

The bottom line: the new relaunch of the Clarins SOS Primers is definitely worth your attention.

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