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Written on Monday, June 5, 2017


I don’t know how this happens, but this is almost the third high end product in which I’m deeply upset about.

When I was looking for foundation, the shop assistant at the store described me this product as the perfect one and even applied it on my face. That day, it was so hot outside and inside, that I thought that absolutely any foundation would look bad on the skin. At that time there were no reviews about this foundation, as it was a new line by Clinique.


My demands to the foundation: I want it to be long-lasting, stay on well when it’s hot and apply it on the under eye area. And of course, it shouldn't be seen on my face.

The shop assistant assured me that the Clinique Beyond the Perfecting Foundation was the product which I was waiting for.

The size- 30 ml. Made by Estee Lauder Belgium.

Immediately, I was upset by the fact that there were no pump in the product. But, again, the shop assistant assured me that the foundation was absolutely easy to apply with the applicator inside. Since then, I don’t believe the shop assistants Smile

Information on the box.

My color is 2 alabaster, which suits me perfectly well, as my skin is fair.


So, let’s get started.

My skin with no make-up on.


There are problems like: enlarged pores on the nose, uneven skin color, some redness around my nose and pink spots on my chin, and of course, the freckles Sad. In general, I can’t say that I have great skin problems. It’s my subjective opinion. Recently, one girl told me that I had some disastrous skin problems and that I needed to visit the cosmetic surgeon and do an operation immediately:)

But, still, I’m alive and live with what I have:)

My skin is of combination type. It tends to some dryness on the cheeks and an oily T-zone.

Once I applied the product, I received this result:

The foundation settled in all the pores and creases, and it became very visible. With it on, I found out that I had fine lines around my eyes. Moreover, the product stinks like chemicals Sad

Plus, the product stalls in the hairs of my brows and it looks disgusting.

The only advantage of this product is that it’s really long lasting and has a good coverage power. But, honestly, I like my skin “before” much more, than “after”

Product promises:

This lightweight, moisturizing foundation and concealer provides full coverage without clogging pores. This 12-hour wear, breathable formula is ideal for very dry to combination oily skin types, its special polymer formula forms a flexible film that moves with the skin for lasting wear, and it dries slowly for easy blending. Get lasting coverage and give skin a perfected look that stays put, even through sweat and humidity.

Just one dip of the wand gives you a full-face application, and it can be used to spot-conceal, too. Due to the rich pigment level that enhances this flawless coverage makeup, shades may appear deeper when first applied. Once blended completely and allowed to dry, Beyond Perfecting Makeup will blend into your skin for a Beyond Perfected flawless look—a little goes a long way.

On my skin, something clearly goes wrong with it. The product promises to visually decrease the amount of the wrinkles, but, no, on my skin, it shows them up, where there weren’t any before. It promises the lightweight coverage, but on me, it looks like a ton of the product is applied and cakey. They describe the applicator as a miracle to easily apply the foundation with on the entire face, but in reality, I can say that it’s completely impossible.

With make-up on.

The photo without a flash

With a flash

If I hadn't paid so much money for this product, I would have thrown it away immediately, or just gave it to somebody. But as far as it’s quite pricey, I gave it the second and the third chances to use at least the third of the bottle. And now I can say that:

For the warm season, this foundation won’t be suitable at all, and I wanted it to be my summer foundation, actually. When it's hot, the product starts to settle into the pores, creases and the fine lines and it looks so awful then. In winter it looks okay, but it’s not for everyday use. I’m not ready to see this awful result on my face every day, for the money I paid. Let’s look closer on the texture of the foundation:

As we can see, even on my hand all the wrinkles became seen and the skin didn’t look smooth. When I apply it on the face, I have to check in different lights if I hadn’t missed any, even the smallest part.

The list of ingredients:

I’m really upset about this product. For a lower price, I can easily find a better foundation and not to suffer from it and be happy.

I don't use any sponges, brushes or other tools to apply my foundation.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make friends with this product.

Conclusion: I don’t recommend this product. Especially for the dry skin type.

Thanks for your attention!

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