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Written on Tuesday, October 24, 2017


For many weeks, I’ve been reading countless reviews of makeup products and decided to collect my own perfect makeup bag. I’m always looking for must haves, whether we speak about moisturizers, lip balms or any other products.

So, this review will be about the Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 Foundation.

The foundation was declared as the one which can even out the skin tone as well as fight skin discoloration. Well, let’s see.

About my skin: fair, very sensitive, mostly dry and flaky. There are a few dark spots on my cheeks and redness on the bridge of my nose. At this moment, I don’t have many blemishes. Thank heavens, sometimes I have a clean face.

Here's what we have:The packaging is pretty handy, a little box with the product description and the list of ingredients.

Inside, there is the foundation itself. It’s pleasant to the touch.

Volume: 1 oz. \ 30 ml. Usually, I apply a drop or two on my hand and transfer it onto my face.

Price: $28. Yep, that’s a lot for a foundation.


And here is the first drawback. The shop assistant assured me that the shade 01 Alabaster is the lightest available and that it would match my skin tone perfectly. I swatched it on my hand and it looked pretty light indeed. The strange part about this foundation is that it adapts to the skin tone right after the application, but after a while, it starts darkening. So in ten minutes I get an uneven cakey face.

I also have to note that the foundation is sooo hard to work with. Sometimes I apply it and it lasts throughout the day perfectly, but sometimes it becomes red, yellow, falls into my pores and looks really cakey. At first I thought it depended on the way of application, but no. The foundation behaves strangely on my face, and I gave up my attempts to understand it.

Application and coverage:

I tried to apply the foundation in many ways, but ended up using a brush. With fingers, you have to make an effort to blend the foundation evenly. But there is the same paradox: sometimes I was getting better coverage with fingers, so I’m just so confused.

At this moment, I apply it in circular motion with a brush. It looks great, at least, in the first ten minutes, hue-hue-hue.

Since I have dry skin, I use a moisturizer before applying any foundation.

The coverage is moderate, but the foundation is sometimes so visible on my face that I couldn’t help but dream of washing it off. The finish isn’t matte.

But the coverage is pretty good. I think this foundation can become a lifesaver for girls with problematic skin.


And here is the second drawback. In the reviews I’ve read, the foundation lasted all day. Well, it really lasts, but it changes in 2-3 hours because the flaky skin becomes visible and the foundation settles into my pores. Even though my skin is dry, I have to use blotting papers to get rid of face shine.

I also have to note that the foundation is economical. I’ve been using it for 4-5 months (not daily), and I’m only halfway through the bottle.

Effect against skin discoloration:

And now the most interesting part. Can it diminish dark spots? No. That’s all. No more words. Honestly, it changed nothing. Maybe if you use it for 5-6 years daily, it would help, who knows. Anyway, I’m speaking for myself and I see no effect.




  • good coverage
  • has SPF 15
  • economical




  • visible on the skin
  • not durable
  • makes flaky skin stand out
  • doesn’t fight face shine
  • hard to work with
  • sometimes I think that I look better without it

I’ve been thinking how many stars I should give this foundation, and I hesitated between 3 and 4 stars.

But then I decided to give 4 stars, but only because I suspect that the foundation is simply not suitable for dry skin. But maybe it will suit others. At least, I hope so.

I will recommend it, because it can look gorgeous. But it’s better to buy a sample first.

And I’ll go on looking for a foundation that would match me.

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Ev.lusm recommends Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 Foundation

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