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Written on Wednesday, November 28, 2018
Pros: a little bit goes a long way, it sets my brow hairs, no red undertone, pleasant texture, quality and staying power, wide color selection

Greeting, beautiful brow junkies!

I bought this product from ColourPop relatively recently. Initially, I was dreaming of buying the ABH brow pomade, but here I met its cheaper and more wearable dupe, which was fine for me in all respects. Moreover, there were so many positive reviews of it.

🐧 🐧 Packaging 🐧 🐧

Like many other items from ColourPop, this product has a simple, sleek, attractive and pretty girlish design. I wonder how they can combine it all…

They put a cute card inside with the ordered products. So nice. The box with the pomade indicates the shade, weight and product info on it.

Made in the USA

🐧 🐧 🐧

Inside there’s a compact glass jar waiting for me with a screw-on top cap.

It was so tough to open that I had to even ask my husband to do so. 😀

It really closes tightly and I can be sure that nothing will dry down there!

🐧 Size: 🐧 0.11 oz. Such pomades always go a super long way. I use this very branded pomade for the first time, but comparing it with a gel eyeliner, I think that it’ll be enough to use for a year or even more because I really need only the tiniest bit to do my makeup.

🐊 Texture and application 🐊

I’ve never had such a soft cream product before! I’m obsessed with it… The pomade is super soft and pliant. The texture reminds me of the gentlest mousy lipstick texture. The product is easy to pick up with a slanted brush in one move and blends out into a soft smokey effect. All that I have to have for the application is just a slanted brush and that’s all.

🐧 Staying power 🐧

The product dries down after the application, additionally setting my brow hairs. I don’t have to use a brow gel. Now, there’s no need to use fading brow pencils.

The staying power is till the moment I remove it. Even if you get dunk in a waterfall, your brows will still be in place.

The pomade is very easy to use for brow correction: either graphical super effect or thin hairs at the beginning. Anything you like.

🐧 Currently, I’m obsessed with such a natural effect. I usually fill in my brow with this product, then line it at the bottom and arch it. And that’s it, my brows are ready…🐧

🐊 Shade 🐊

The product is cool-toned. It looks very beautiful and natural.

I also want to buy one more shade, which is the darkest in the collection for the tips of my brows.

I’m head over heels with this product! I’ll definitely buy some more because it’s much easier and quicker to use than eyebrow pencils or powders.

In a word, one more must-have is found. ABH will find its way to my pouch later. 😀

Thanks for your attention and see you! 🐊

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