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Written on Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Pros: awesome shades, comfortable to wear, long-wearing, satin finish
Cons: one of the shades accentuates lip lines

I already had the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip Lipstick and was pretty pleased with the results, so I decided to grab some more shades and accidentally came across this set with 5 items. I was so excited to try these mini-sizes that I picked them up without delay.

Initially the lipsticks were housed in a box. Everything looked adorable, simple and neat.

When compared to full-size tubes, these are babes. The weight of a sample is 0.64 g and that of an original tube is 3.2 g.

To be honest, the difference doesn’t seem to me visually that huge. Smile

The tube is made of sturdy plastic and the writing doesn’t come off. By the way on the original tubes, it does come off and scratches pretty quickly.

The sponge applicators are generic, slanted and fluffy. They are useful for me. In the left picture you can see the applicator of a full-size tube. As far as you can see, the sponge is fluffier there Smile

The odor is also different here. It’s hardly noticeable in this set as opposed to the previous Ultra Satin Lip option.

The texture is liquid and creamy and applies to my lips in a quite thick coat on the first try.

The finish is satin and a tad sticky.

The feel is very comfortable. The lipsticks do not bleed or crease, plus they are not drying to my lips. It works alright with dry lips and flakey bits. In a nutshell - it’s amazing! Smile

The wear time is great as well.

Yes, the lipsticks do smear, but it’s understandable, as they are not matte after all.

By the way, they smear just a tiny bit, but they do not fade throughout the day. You can chat with anyone, drink something or eat cookies when this product is on and it stays put. As a rule I remove it before a meal, but if I don’t eat anything greasy, I can just touch it up after a while.

It layers alright, but don’t overdo it. Smile

Also, it removes with anything you want, be it a cleansing oil, micellar water or a handkerchief.

Schnookums, Echo Park, Lyin' King, Dopey and Baracuda.
Schnookums, Echo Park, Lyin' King, Dopey and Baracuda.


It’s a nice pink shade that looks barbieish to me. It’s exactly what I need for summer Smile

#Echo Park

It’s a warm peach that reminds me of the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick, shade: Bombshell.

This is the only color that is controversial to me in this set. It pools into my lip lines and emphasizes the texture, which is especially noticeable when I’m smiling.

#Lyin’ King

This shade nailed it for me! I adore such shades Smile

It’s amazing both when applying and wearing, plus it doesn’t leave any pigment on my lips. It’s an intense berry shade. Lovely, right? :)More than that it looks awesome with a colorful mascara Smile


I was worried a little that this hue would look ‘cadaverous’ on me, but I was wrong. It’s just a cute cool and muted pink.

Don’t believe its swatch at the official website. It looks too pinkish there Smile


Earlier I wasn’t really much into dark shades on me, but this shade is a game-changer and now I feel very comfortable when I wear it Smile

By the way, this color looks pink at the official website… But for me, it’s a mixture of brown and dark-red.

To sum up, I’d like to say that I’m extremely glad that I purchased this set. All the shades are amazing and cool Smile

If you are on the fence what lipstick to choose from ColourPop, I recommend you try this set. You won’t regret it Smile

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Sorelle recommends ColourPop It's Complicated Liquid Lipstick Mini Size Kit

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