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Written on Thursday, July 5, 2018

Tonight, I don’t want to sleep and it’s too late to approach the fridge, so I’m writing a review about the ColourPop Ultra Matt miniature in the color Creeper. I received it as an apology for the delay with my order.

Honestly, I would have never bought a red lipstick myself. Violet and grey are fine, but red lipsticks in my collection can be counted on my fingers of one hand, I hardly wear them. Nevertheless, I was glad to receive this miniature, because I liked this cold red, the symbol of Hollywood, rockabilly and femme fatale.

A full-size lipstick would cost $6,5.

I’ll show all these little “sisters” so you could see the size of this lipstick.

It weighs 1 g. Given my attitude to red hues, I think it would last for 2 years, at least.

The miniature is just like the other lipsticks: it comes in an ordinary plastic housing, and the cap is plastic too, lined with soft metal.

The paint comes off quickly. The letters look washed out at first, and then disappear forever.

The sponge is fine, fluffy and convenient. The stick is pretty short and I find it easy to contour my lips, even though I constantly fear that I'll miss a spot.

There is no specific fragrance to it, just a typical chemical smell. No iris or fruits or anything.

The lipstick applies in a super thin layer, but the pigmentation is gorgeous, without patches or gaps.

How I prepare my lips for the lipstick?

At first, I use a self-made sugar lip scrub. I think most lip scrubs are just a waste of money, because the ingredients are always the same, so what’s the difference? I may be wrong about it, though.

I apply Carmex lip balm and do the rest of my makeup (it takes about 15-30 minutes).

After that, I gently dab my lips with a napkin to remove the lip balm.

I apply the matte lipstick, and that’s it

The lipstick dries quickly but not instantly. I find it great. Imperfections can be corrected. But this lipstick requires a very precise application. It’s easier with nudes, believe me..

The lipstick is long-lasting and feels pretty (though not totally) comfortable. Let me explain: yes, this lipstick is drying, but it could have been much worse! I don’t feel the pain of desert lizards in my heart. Another big plus: the lipstick doesn’t crack. I can smile and talk carefree, and I don’t have to be constantly afraid of fault lines.

Creepers leaves its stains everywhere, but the color on the lips doesn’t become paler


It remains bright for 6-7 hours, or until you take a bite of barbecue or cake (this lipstick is understanbly afraid of fatty meals). But it can withstand coffee or tea, or even alcoholic beverages Smile


The lipstick may get crumbly in the middle of your mouth, and it’s nasty, though not crucial.

The lipstick leaves behind a kind of tint, which I traditionally count both as an advantage and disadvantage, because not everyone would like the situation when you wear a lipstick for an hour and then you can’t remove its residue for a day.

Removing this lipstick is a challenge. The first time, red stains covered my face, as though I’d been eating raw meat. This lipstick is hard to remove, and one has to arm oneself with an oil or fatty lip balm or take a whole package of wipes.

Now about the star rating I’m giving it. As far as I know, the quality of lipsticks may differ depending on the hue, that’s why yes, I recommend this shade ‘Creeper’ and give it 8 out of 10.

Recommended for those who are:


  • bold
  • in love with pin up, rockabilly and similar stuff
  • not afraid of red color
  • eager to provoke
  • in need of a super long-lasting lipstick for parties
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