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Written on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hello there! 👋

I can’t say that I’ve ever been into face primers. Before this one I used to have only the one by Maybelline Baby Skin. It was pretty good for me, but I can’t say that I was picky about it.

I bought this primer by E.L.F. because of the affordable price. Moreover, I read some rave reviews on Instagram about it. This is why I decided to test it out myself.




I really like the way the product looks. It came packaged with a cardboard box with a transparent window on the front. So, here you can see the bottle itself. The box is black. I like it when my cosmetics have a black package, this way it looks more presentable and maybe even high-end for me.

On the back of the box you’ll find all the product info in English. Here’s the product description, how to use, list of ingredients and other product info.

The product isn’t eco-friendly which is rather obvious. There are parabens in the ingredients but it’s normal for this product. There isn’t a study to prove that they are really harmful for our skin. If you’re still worried about the unnatural ingredients, then buy a very good facial cleanser then and be sure to wash it off very well in the evening.

The product expires within 6 months after opening.


Open the box and you’ll find a very beautiful bottle inside.

I really like the way it looks, guys. I’m a picture person, this is why the outer appearance of all the bottles, jars and vials is so important for me.

The bottle is plastic. The bottom part is matte and opaque. By the way, the bottle is multi-layered, so it’s pretty challenging to tell how much of the primer is left inside.

There’s a fairly convenient dispenser under a see-through top cap (which constantly slides off and I have to look for it around my beauty bag all the time). One press of the pump gives out the right amount of the primer to be used once. Recently, I started to press the pump less, as I find the amount too much for my face.

In general I can assess the product’s outer appearance with 5 stars. The product is beautiful and convenient to use. What’s more it really looks high-end. What else do I need?



Ideal for creating a smooth base for foundation, use this versatile mineral primer before applying makeup. The weightless silky formula is great for all skin types. This primer fills in fine lines and refines your complexion. Apply and let dry to enjoy makeup that blends smoothly and lasts all day!

How to use

Apply to clean skin prior to makeup application to prep skin. Use a small amount and blend evenly on your face.



Well, here everything is pretty obvious.

The texture is gel-like, the product is unscented and the color is clear. That’s all.



I can’t say that I’m head over heels with this primer. There isn’t a hint of that rave that I experience using the Baby Skin primer by Maybelline. My skin isn’t perfect or velvety to the touch after use of this primer. It feels as though my skin is just simply covered with a gel.

The product doesn’t make my makeup stay on longer and it doesn’t affect my pores.

But in general I can say that it evens out my skin relief well. And the most important is that it evens out all the flakey bits. Of course it will do nothing with some severe flaking but the product will beautifully camouflage some minor blemishes.

So, I want to show it on my skin.

my nude skin
my nude skin
The first picture is my nude skin only with my moisturizer on. No filters here. You can see my skin blemishes like reddening and freckles.

here I applied only this primer
here I applied only this primer

Here I applied this primer. I bet there’s no visual difference for you to tell.

with my makeup on
with my makeup on

And of course a photo of me with my makeup on. Here I used my BB-cream, blush, mascara and I also filled in my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil a little. Here I also didn’t use any filters but only corrected the brightness of the picture for a computer version.

All in all the product isn’t bad. I assess it with 4 stars. My makeup really applies better over it and I like the way it hides my minor skin blemishes. I also appreciate the absence of my concealer creasing if I applied it over this primer. However, this product doesn’t affect the wear time of my makeup and it doesn’t do anything about my pores either. This is exactly what I take a star off for.

I guess I’ll repurchase, but at first I’ll try the blue and pink primers by the brand. Or maybe it’s better to buy the baby Skin Primer by Maybelline for the money it costs.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether to buy this primer by E.L.F. or not. I will. 👋

👑 It was Niky with you, see you soon!

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Princess_Niky recommends E.L.F. Mineral Infused Clear Face Primer

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