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Written on Thursday, February 15, 2018
Pros: a little goes a long way, delicate glow, evens out my skin tone, lightweight texture, mattifies
Cons: inconvenient packaging, shows flaking, small puff, won’t conceal blemishes

Hello dear readers! Smile

This powder is my first loose powder. If you’re interested, I’ll tell you about all its advantages and disadvantages below.

I have it in the color 1-Light Pastel. It’ll be so nice for girls with fair complexion.

I guess that many of you have already heard of this powder. It has beautiful G lettering on it. The package is made of plastic, it’s rather sound (of course if you don’t drop it on the floor too often)

It’s difficult to put into my purse, though possible. It’s better to use this product at home and touch up with blotting paper or pressed powder during the day.

Inside the product you’ll find a small and of useless terry puff. It’s awful to apply the powder with as I always end up with too much product on my face. Besides, I have to wash it very often, because it gets dirty quickly.

If I apply it with a brush then the result looks more natural then.

How to get the powder out to apply with the brush?

  • Take out the puff, close the compact and then shake it a little. This amount is enough for me to use for one time. The rest which is left is okay to be used within the second application.

The powder comes out through the 4 sifters that form the G letter. And the fact that really freaks me out is there’s always the green powder that prevails!

Since I have the powder in the fairest color, there are only pastel shades to it:

  • white

  • green

  • purple

  • blue

All the colors are very light and blend into one seamless color together.

The powder has the finest grain and a very lightweight texture. You can wear it solo, I usually do.

It mattifies beautifully for about 4 hours or so. (taking into account the weather outside and my activity of course) My skin is oily and I guess that on dry skin the product will stay on the entire day.

It has light reflecting micro-shimmer to the formula that shines on my face (very delicately).

In the macro you can see all the shine:

I guess I’ve already mentioned that the product evens out my skin tone though it doesn’t cover up blemishes at all. But it’s rather obvious since its texture is extremely lightweight.

Look at it on my skin:

My nude non-made up face. You can see all the blemishes like acne, acne scarring and enlarged pores.

And my face with the powder on. You can still see the blemishes though my skin color is more smooth and even.

What’s more the product goes a really long way. It’ll be enough to use for a year or even more, even if you use it every day.

And here’s the list of disadvantages:

  • I’ve already mentioned the puff

  • No blemishes concealing

  • Shows flaking

The product is now redesigned and I know that its size has become smaller but still I recommend it for purchasing. The new line in the lightest color is called Mousseline Pastel.

Price: $55

Thanks for reading, I’m very happy to help you!

Feel free to leave a comment below!

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helenmeow recommends Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder

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