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Written on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hello there!

I can’t say that I prefer high-end products and sigh once I see the Dior or Guerlain products. In my opinion half of the price for a high-end product consists of its name and another half of its packaging. The content sometimes can be so disappointing, that I think a dollar store can offer something really similar.

But I guess, as many other girls, from time to time I want to treat myself and buy some posh and expensive products.

And this is what actually happened with me when I was walking around the department store recently. I was walking through the shelves with cosmetics when my eyes were caught by the Guerlain stand. And as though something clicked in my head, I immediately recollected all those rave reviews and bright commercials of the La Petite Noire in the shade #007 Black Perfecto.

Price: $32

Nt.Wh: 2.8g

I got it discounted but was it worth it?

The product was packed in a cardboard box with the renewed Guerlain logo.

I don’t want to cite the ingredients list just to see all those chemical components. If you are interested, just have a look at it yourself.

Inside there was the lipstick itself.

The cap is made of see-through plastic with ridged sides and silver caption of Guerlain.

On the body of the lipstick there’s also the Guerlain engraving.

On the cap they put the Robe Noire sign of a transparent plastic heart.


And the lippie. It looks almost black in the packaging but if you look closer you’ll see that it’s a color of a ripe grape. There’s a lot of glitter to it.

In the sun
In the sun
Artificial light
Artificial light

The color in the tube has absolutely nothing to do with the color I get on my lips.

I wouldn't call it a lipstick as a chapstick is a better naming for the result the product gives.


When I applied this lippie on for the first time I immediately remembered my childhood at my granny’s garden. When we were eating grapes, our lips looked exactly as with this lipstick on now.


When I apply it one layer, the product gives just a slight hint of color. The second and the third layers make the color more intense and cool-toned.

my lips with no products on
my lips with no products on

1 layer
1 layer
2 layers
2 layers

The most important is not to overdo, as the product will look more and more intense. And by the way, each layer makes the product on the lips thicker which increases the chances of creasing and bleeding.

3 layers
3 layers

The lippie is absolutely fuss-free during application as it has a butter consistency.

The glitter is very gentle and isn’t felt gritty on my lips.

The product never defines flaking skin and on the contrary, it moisturizes my lips thanks to its butter formulation.

Why did I assess it with three stars then?

Just because of the matter of taste guys.

First of all, for me the product is too scented. The fans of the La Petit Robe Noir perfume rave about these lipsticks but I don’t like this fragrance. For me it’s too chasing, sweet and off-putting.

What’s more, the product is flavoured.

Yuck! I don’t like it. And of course I didn’t taste the swatch from my hand at the store so I found out the product’s flavor only at home, after I had already bought it. I had read that the product is flavored but I couldn’t imagine that it’s flavored so much. And of course, I didn’t have a thought of tasting the product there at the store. Smile

Even though the texture of the product is claimed to be lightweight, I still feel it on my lips as a heavy coat for about 2-3 hours. Accompanied with this awful flavor…

And one more disadvantage to the product is that even though the finish is glossy and moisturizing, once the gloss has gone and there’s only the pigment left, my lips feel extremely dry and tightened.

I would have forgiven this to a three-dollar product but not a thirty two-dollar product…

And I also want to say that the spending of the product is huge, it feels as though it melts during application. I guess that it won’t last longer than 2 or 3 months.

And you know, I’ll be very glad once I use it up.

Final thoughts of the Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir:

The product looks good on my lips and is even emollient to some extent. But a couple of hours later it turns into a disaster. The fading is even and beautiful. Once the pink color has gone there’s a slight pearl pigment.

But the smell is off-putting for me. And the flavor is even worse.


Well the fans of the brand can shoot me down in flames but I don’t want to suffer with this product on my lips. Each time I wear it, turns into a torture. For me this product is just a one more beautiful package on my beauty table.


Three stars with a minus! And of course a thumb down from me. You may think that it’s unfair to assess such a legendary product with 3 stars, but guys $32 for the awful performance and disgusting flavor - that is unfair. There are hundreds of better dupes for a lesser amount of money.

Thanks for reading!

I hope that you’ve found my review useful Smile

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