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Written on Monday, October 15, 2018
Pros: comfortable wear, pigmentation
Cons: the lip contour dries out my lips

Huda 2

A set of pink-toned lipsticks from Huda. 2in1 and a perfect ash rose shade:


I’ve already had a chance to meet two other matte liquid lipsticks from Huda Beauty and in general I was pleased with their formula, but still, there were some downsides about them. I bought this set because of two reasons: first of all, I desperately wanted to try out pink shades and a lip contour, because I heard a ton of positive reviews. And of course, a discount played a part and was such a pleasant addition. Smile

The packaging is cardboard with Huda’s picture on:

The set features two mini-sized lipsticks and a full-sized lip liner. The idea of the set is a gradient of the colors. The back of the box features an instruction on how to get a perfect pout. But in my book, gradient lips aren’t my cup of tea, that’s why I prefer wearing the lipsticks solo. Smile

The list of ingredients:

A swatch of all the products by the daytime lights - a Trophy Wife lip contour, Trophy Wife lipstick, Muse Lipstick.

I’d start off with a Trophy Wife lip contour.

For me, it has become such a disappointing product, guys. First of all, I didn’t like the way it looks over my lips solo. And secondly, there’s no need for me to pair it with lipsticks since they already look good solo and don’t feather. I know that someone can use a lip liner as a primer for a lipstick so as to make it stay on longer, but on my lips, they’ll all look too cakey and disgusting. I’m not ready to suffer all that just for the sake of a better staying power. Smile

The bad about technical characteristics- The product doesn't apply smoothly, I mean if I touch my lips twice at some place, this spot will surely appear darker. It dries out my lips and accentuates all flaking bits. In a word, it’s a failure.

I can wear it only over a lip balm because it allows the formula to apply better and treat flaking skin milder, though still accentuating it.

This lip contour is regular, it isn’t retractable and you’ll have to sharpen it. No sharpener was provided with a set.

Weight - 1.2g.

Smell - it’s barely there and for me, it smells like cardboard.

I find this texture a tad dry but I like the way how gliding it is on my lips and that doesn’t drag them.

The spending is usual, it’ll go a long way if you use it only to outline your lips and it’ll run out quickly if you fill in your lips fully. :)The finish is totally matte, non-sticky and it’s transfer-proof. At first, I don’t detect it on my lips, though within a couple of hours I can experience a slight tightening sensation.

Staying power - it’s average, even though I expected it to be longer. The product also fades from the inner lip after a meal (even a bite). It is a problem to touch-up because the formula is difficult to apply smoothly.

I was more impressed with the lipsticks. Smile

They aren’t big size-wise, only 1.9ml. They look really tiny in comparison with the full-sized 5ml lipstick tube. SmileThe design is the same as of the full size, the casing is also plastic. The letters don’t fade away, but the caps are already worn out at the sides.

The sponges are like of the “elder” products, they are slanted and furry. So handy, by the way.

The consistency of the products is rather runny, like a thickened water, I’d say.

The lipsticks are well packed with pigments and they apply evenly on the first go. They don’t require building-up.

General technical characteristics- The products don’t budge or feather. They don’t crease with a white film on my inner lip and in general, I appreciate their performance. I don’t experience any tightening sensations with them on.

The finish might be a tad sticky, that’s why they aren’t transfer-proof. I think that’s the price for comfortable wear. Smile The set lipsticks don’t look like clay on my lips and stay on till the afternoon. They can be touched up a little. However, I still advise you to take off the lipstick and apply it once again, if needed.

Liquid Matte Trophy Wife- This is probably one of those lipsticks which really managed to surprise me lately. Its shade and performance completely depend on the layer.

If I apply it with a thicker layer, then I will see a dark-mauve shade, which is a tad patchy. It’ll also accentuate all the lip fine lines that I have. And this also comes to the Icon and Bombshell shades.

The problem is easy to solve. All that I have to do is to stretch my lips with a smile before the lipstick setting.


It applies and wears with one layer much better. I don’t even have to smile. Smile The coverage appears sheer and I believe that the outcome shade will depend on your natural lip pigment. As for me, this lipstick looks pink, bright to some extent and really refreshing. Smile In a word, I adore wearing it with one thin layer.


Liquid Matte Muse

It’s a perfect ash rose color for me. The technical characteristics are on fleek, nothing feathers, budges or accentuates. I don’t even know what to say here. This is one of my favorite lipsticks.


All in all, I’m pleased with the lipsticks, even though the lip contour is a miss for me. I don’t regret buying the lipsticks and I’m even thinking about purchasing the full size of the Muse shade one day. If you want to try out pink lipsticks from Huda than this set is a good option indeed.

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Sorelle recommends Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set

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