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Written on Friday, March 2, 2018

I adore bright eyeliners, moreover they are so trendy now and are a part of almost every fashion show of famous designers. From time to time I have an unbearable desire to buy a pile of bright eyeliners that don’t cost a fortune but I know they’ll be of shitty quality. And thanks to, I found out about the Duraline.

Duraline is waterless clear liquid that can intensify the color of any powder and transform it into an easy to apply, water resistant liquid. In other words you can get a creamy eyeshadow from any powder eyeshadows that you have. The manufacturer doesn’t say a word that the product is an eyeshadow primer.


Outer appearance:

It’s a small glass bottle with a black top cap with an infused button-press glass dropper. One press gives one drop of the product. The bottle closes tightly to be sure that nothing will leak. The bottle is small and lightweight. It doesn’t take up much space. The product inside is an oily liquid emulsion.


This is what they state on the box. By the way, the product is flammable.


How does it work:

Take some eyeshadow and mix with the Duraline. I use a brush to do it. I mix the products on any surfaces like palettes or powders. Then I wash the residue off the palettes with a makeup remover and a cotton pad. You can also apply a drop of the Duraline on the back of your hand and then dip the brush with eyeshadows to it each time before application. But this option isn’t convenient for me.

Attention: Don’t dip the glass dropper very close to the eyeshadows, as you risk staining the liquid inside.

Pigments - Most of all I like mixing pigments with the Duraline as it’ll be so easy to work with them afterwards. Just get out the needed amount of pigment from the jar and add one drop of the Duraline. The mixing is so smooth. I don’t have matte pigments, only shimmer so I’ll speak only about shimmer pigments application. In the end you’ll get a very beautiful coloring emulsion which creates the dewy eyeshadow effect.

Shimmer eyeshadows - they perform the same as pigments but the only thing is that you’ll have to use some additional tools, for example a pusher. But since I don’t have it I use my tweezers to get them.

Matte eyeshadows - matte eyeshadows aren’t good friends with the Duraline I think. They mix badly and apply patchy.

Glitter - the product can’t do anything with glitter. I have regular loose glitter. Well, actually I can apply it on my eyes and it’ll stay there but only till the moment the Duraline dries out. Once it dries, the glitter falls out because of my blinking.


Eyeshadow primer use:

I absolutely didn’t like to use the product as an eyeshadow primer. It isn’t creamy to be used that way. Besides it’s so difficult to apply it on the eyes. I agree that matte eyeshadows become more vibrant but they apply patchy then and look unpleasant. What’s more they crease. So I’m very surprised hearing them praising the Duraline as an eyeshadow primer.


Here I used the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigment in the color 16 space. The wing is done with a wedged brow brush.

Here I used matte bright pink eyeshadow and applied it with the same brush as it’s flat and thin.

Here the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in the color 13 Sky Pink is applied to the crease. Then I used a rather shattered brush to make cat flicks with it. And you can see that they look a little different and not neat. But I’m not an artist. Smile

You can also apply the pigments over dark eyeshadow as the color will still be intense. Here the #26 Yellow works as an eyeliner.

Here the pigments are applied on the crease and lower lashline. I used a usual lining brush but still the strokes look uneven.

What’s more, you can easily intensify your black liner making it look more interesting. Here the shimmer eyeshadows are applied in the middle of the black wing.

In general I believe that you can use any brushes, even those from a stationery shop. The most important is to use thin brushes. But I’m a mediocre artist, so I need to learn some skills.

Overall: if you like bright and unusual cat flicks, then the Duraline is definitely for you.

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