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Written on Monday, March 26, 2018

Good evening…

I don’t write reviews too often but sometimes there are some cosmetic products that I have the strongest desire to describe and share with you. This very review will be dedicated to an eyeshadow base. Usually when I use an eyeshadow base, it has a creamy texture but here the formula is rather unusual and liquid.

Let’s meet the Inglot Duraline. I guess that many of you have already heard of this product by the Inglot brand. I don’t know whether you gave it a go or you didn’t but I’ll definitely recommend it to everybody. Why? Just keep on reading my review…

Actually this isn’t an eyeshadow base as it is. It’s more of a special transforming liquid that will turn any powder eyeshadow into liquid formulation, according to the manufacturer statements. At first I couldn't make out how to use it but later I discovered some ways which I’m going to tell you about below.


Price - $14

Made in - Poland

Size - 9ml

The product retails in a very cute and sleek white box. I like everything black and white - simple yet elegant. The box was great to protect the precious bottle.


On the box you’ll find some info about the product.



On the bottom of the box you’ll find the product’s name and a bar code.



The product itself is placed into a glass bottle and looks beautiful. The bottle is made of glass which is why it’s rather heavy. At the same time it isn’t big and won’t take up much room.



The Duraline is transparent and at first I couldn’t even get if there was something inside or the bottle was just empty. But of course the bottle is full and you’ll see the product if you look closer. And here goes the first pro - no colourants to the product which can affect the later eyeshadow color applications.


I appreciate the glass dropper that takes the product out of the bottle. It works fine and I only have to press the drop button at the upper part of the top cap. By the way the glass dropped takes the product the same way as it drops it.

The base of the dropper is also made of glass, so it’s easy to control the amount of the product you pick up or see if you picked up at least anything at all.


As you've already seen the product is liquid which was so unusual and weird for me. The consistency is very runny and a tad oily so the spending turns as minimal as possible. One small drop is enough to intensify the color of my eyeshadows. I can feel no fragrance to the product at all. Beware, working with this product requires some skills, as it isn’t as easy as it might seem.



So the manufacturer claims that the Duraline forms a breathable film while waterless clear liquid transforms any powder into an intense and easy to apply liquid. To understand the way it works, the best way is to try out yourself.


The first way of using the Duraline:

- take some loose eyeshadow (spill a little on your back of the hand or just a special small container) and then add a small drop of the liquid from the bottle. Mix them together and here it is the super-long-wearing cream eyeshadow. I know that some girls make an eyeliner this way but the I like the cream eyeshadow formula more.

The second option. - You can also use the Duraline as a base and apply the tiniest bit of it straight to your eyelids. Let it dry down a little and then start to apply your makeup. Then it’ll be way more long lasting and bright.

The eyeshadows applied over the Duraline look completely different…

So, here’s the result… Have a look at it yourself


With and without a base
With and without a base
With and without a base
With and without a base


Sometimes when I want to bring some bold and bright notes to my makeup I always use shimmer. And Duraline helps me to take such a difficult to tame shimmer, making its application as easy as cream eyeshadows.

This is how the Inglot Body Sparkles looks applied with and without this base. One and the same sparkles, though they looks absolutely different…

No base/Too Faced/with a base
No base/Too Faced/with a base


It isn’t difficult to work with this product on the eyes either. Most frequently I apply a little bit of the Duraline on my eyelids and then start to apply makeup over. Then all my eyeshadows look opaque without patches and blend out with ease. In the photo below I used loose pigments to create this makeup look.


The bottom line:

- beautiful design and rather big portion of the product

- very economical in use, if you know how to work with the product

- no colorants

- with this product I can make any cream eyeshadow or eyeliner myself

- the product blends out with any eyeshadows, no matter what texture they are - creamy, loose, or pressed

- it can be used as an eyeshadow base

- any eyeshadows mixed with the Duraline automatically become water resistant

- eyeshadows applied over this product will never crease or fall out during the day

- no cracking or color changes

- the staying power is superb and the products will stay on as long as you need

- it’s better to use specific eye makeup removers to wash the product off your skin


In my day this product has become a real discovery for me. And since then I started to recommend it to my girl friends. And after they purchased it, they finally understood why I’m raving about it so much. I like that the Duraline tames even the worst and finicky textures making them brighter.

Of course I recommend the Duraline by Inglot to everybody...

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Love-is recommends Inglot Cosmetics Duraline

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