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Written on Friday, May 18, 2018
Pros: dries down quickly, duo-chrome shade, it doesn't tighten my lips, it's really long-wearing, opaque coverage
Cons: price tag, smell

Hello everybody!

I did it! I dared and bought this lipstick! It was really tough for me, guys. First of all, the product is pretty pricey. Secondly, the color isn’t to wear on a daily basis for me, as I’m an office worker and I can’t wear this extravagant-looking lipstick for a job for sure. And the third is that I wasn’t sure that this shade will suit me at all.

It took me about 4 months to think about this lipstick thoroughly, when finally on Christmas I dared to order it. We live only once, don’t we? Laughing out loud So, this is my Catrina!

Well, what do I have to say? If I hadn’t seen pictures of the tube before, I would have been shocked a lot. You see, the color of the lipstick in the tube looks different to what we see on the lips. I expected it to look like kinda purple-green shade, while looking at the tube I saw the dark-red-brown color with light green shimmer bits inside. Where’s duochrome? Where’s magic?

This was the moment when it felt as though I got suffocated. But I wasn’t going to give up. I opened the tube, applied the lipstick and sighed with relief. Here it is, my precious duochrome as it is - purple-greenish-gray-vinous shade. The very color that I expected!

The product doesn’t smell pleasant: for me it smells like some plastic material. But we all know that beauty requires sacrifice, besides the smell vanishes after the lipstick dries out completely.

What I have to say about the application:

You have to be very quick and precise to apply it. The lipstick dries down quickly but not immediately. It takes about a minute to dry down. Your moves have to be very quick and precise and I want to advise you to practice beforehand to understand the way to apply this lipstick for you. One more advantage of this lippie is that it gives good coverage and always applies with an opaque coat.

The Catrina color is very long-wearing, as many other lipsticks by LA Splash: it doesn’t bleed, though it can start flaking off after 3-4 hours of wearing if you rub your lips.

It’s also noteworthy that if you eat something greasy, then the product will partly vanish. And in this case, it’ll be better to wash it off completely and re-apply once again. If you don’t do that, you risk ending up with your lipstick applied unevenly.

The lippie can be washed off completely only with the help of an oil and it doesn’t even matter what oil you use: sunflower oil or cleansing oil. This way has its advantages, as the lipstick is matte and drying, whereas oil will nourish and supple you lips well.

I don’t regret buying it, really! This lipstick is of very nice quality!

I highly recommend you try it too.

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Ms_Frosty recommends LA-Splash Cosmetics Studio Shine Waterproof Matte Lip Lustre

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