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Written on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hello everybody!


Finally this is the day when I can show you my eyeshadow palette which I actually bought for my collection and which has literally blown my mind.

Honestly I’m a fan of the red and pink eye makeup that’s why the first Venus palette is also among my favorites. When they released the second Venus, I was rather indifferent to it, you know. The color selection wasn’t mine as I don’t actually like all those green-orangy shades.

But time was passing by and once I wanted to buy this second Venus palette just for my eyeshadow collection because I liked its design and I really appreciate the Lime Crime products in general. So, this January I finally managed to get my hands on it and can you imagine? I keep using it! But let’s start from the very beginning Smile

Price: $38

Country of origin: the USA

Aesthetic: +

The design of the palette is almost the same as of the first Venus palette: carton box with a magnet closure. The only thing that differs is that Venus is a little bit darker here. Should I mention how much aesthetic delight I get looking at this palette? Smile

On the back of the palette you’ll find all the product info, including the list of ingredients.

Inside the palette they put a mirror, safety plastic sheet and 8 eyeshadow shades. Each shade has its name.

The color array is a break of the pattern! These are the colors of the earth, grass, clear sky and starry night.

In the palette you’ll find 4 matte shades, 3 satin textures and 1 shimmer shade. All the products are packed with pigment and are really matchy, as they go together fine. It’s such a pleasure to work with this palette.

The texture of the matte shades is a little bit dry, though they don’t dust or feel chunky. The satins are soft and are easy to get on the brush and fingertips.

The swatches of all the shades in the daylight:

A photo of all the shades with the names:

The swatches of the first row:

Pigeon - this is the very trendy green-red duochrome shade. There’s almost the same shade from the Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeshadow palette. The color is stunning and the color payoff is fantastic. It turns into a liquid metal-like if I apply it with a wet brush. Smile

Filter - clear blue sky shade. It’s matte and crazy pigmented. This is the shade I wasn’t actually sure about as it looks very unusual as an accent on the eyes. The blending is nice and I can say for sure that it doesn’t look cheap.

Marsh - satin green shade. I use it less often because I don’t like such pigmented green colors.

Mustard - matte mustard shade. It’s a great blending color for any makeup. Earlier I used to watch the reviews of this palette and I just couldn’t figure out how to use this terrible yellow shade. But in reality if I use the Venus palette I always start doing my makeup only with this color. Smile

Swatches of the second row:

Fly - this one is a very beautiful golden-green satin shade. It’s very soft and chunky. The pigmentation is fantastic and it applies nice with fingertips as well as with brushes.

Jam - orange matte shade. It made me fall for the orange shades in makeup.

Mud - crimson-brown matte hue. This one is also one of my faves.

Boot - matte black shade with purple and pink glitter. It looks the most unusual and beautiful in the pan, though in reality this is an average quality black shade. The glitter is difficult to see on the eyelids, as it falls out from the brush during application. Even though I’m not actually delighted with this shade, I noticed that I started to use this black shade for smokey eyes more frequently, especially for the ultra dark looks.

And now we’ll go on to the most interesting part of my review - my experiments with this palette. Get ready to see a lot of shots as I was very much inspired by it.

So, have a look:

A photo of my makeup when I used the Venus 2 eyeshadow palette:

And as a bottom line I want to say that the palette is truly unusual, atypical and really stands out of the so hackneyed and conventional red-brown eyeshadow palettes which we all got used to so much. Venus 2 is a breath of fresh air, freshness of the forest moss and early spring. I always want to use this palette again and again, creating different makeup looks - daytime as well as bright and evening makeups.

It’s so useful sometimes to leave your comfort zone and use the matte blue shade in the inner corners of the eyes instead of the trusty light and fair sparkling shades. Or create a beautiful bright orange smokey eyes and not the so accustomed brown.

I’m ready to praise this Venus 2 eyeshadow palette and use a lot of adjectives to describe my love and excitement about it. But I guess that makeup photos have already shown you it all and probably even more than just usual words.

I highly recommend this palette for EVERYBODY.

5 stars and no way less.

Thanks for all of you who paid attention to my review!

Stay always gorgeous!

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Knifes In Your Eyes recommends Lime Crime Venus II Eyeshadow Palette

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