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Written on Monday, August 28, 2017
Pros: design, gives intense black color, gives volume, long-lasting
Cons: clumps, makes my eyelashes stuck together, requires neat and careful application, smudges, terrible brush


I bought this mascara the very first time it appeared at stores. I can remember the moment when I paid attention to it. The price was attractive and I quickly decided to pick it up.

I can say that I find L’Oreal mascaras good and always have something positive to say about them, but actually I wasn’t impressed by this one at all...

Size: 8.5 ml

Made in France

Outer look:

The product looks beautiful. The tube is of black-pinkish color which definitely grabs attention. With time all the beauty disappears from the tube, but that isn’t the most important.

The brush is claimed to be innovative, as it’s supposed to have “a 360 degree flexor”. I just can’t see the point why? It looks strange and unusual for me.


The corkscrew wand has shorter bristles at the tip and longer ones at the bottom. Honestly, the brush looks weary, as though it’s been used for a thousand years. The bristles are soft and don’t scratch my eyelids. The strange shape makes me think that the bristles are sparse, very sparse.



To be honest, I don’t understand why they’ve created such a flexible brush. I need to put in some effort to bend it which is impossible to do near my eyelashes. Such a nonsense….



The mascara opens without a fuss and closes with a click. The stopper isn’t very good and takes out too much product and I have to wipe it off on the edges of the tube’s neck.


The smell is like of any other standard mascara.

The color is intense black

Consistency-wise the product isn’t thick, it’s more like light and creamy.



About myself:


My natural eyelashes are regular. I always wait for volume, length and beautiful lashes from any mascara. Of course I never want to get clumps and spent too much time on coating.


This mascara doesn’t meet any of my expectations.





The brush is absolutely inconvenient to use, especially during the first week after buying. It applies too much and makes my lashes stuck together. The bristles are sparse and don’t separate my lashes.


The brush can’t reach every lash, that’s why it creates such a heavy and uneven coating. Even when I apply one coat I usually end up with clumps, let alone two coats…



To get more or less decent-looking eyelashes, I have to spend a lot of time. After using this mascara for quite a while, I can see that it still sticks my lashes together. I have to use other brushes to separate my lashes. In a word, there’s so much ado about it.



In the advantages I can list the following:


  • volume

  • a little bit of length

  • no flaking during the day

  • no smudging

  • easy to remove with any facial cleanser



It doesn’t give curl to my lashes and imprints in my eyelid while application. If I do wear this mascara I apply only one layer of it, as two will look terrible.

I’m very upset about the Miss Manga mascara. The effect that it’s able to create on my lashes is not at all what I want to receive. Besides I have to waste so much time to make them look good.

Is that obvious that I’ll never buy this product again? I’m fed up with the first tube.


The only thing I’m happy about is that I didn’t splurge on it too much.


Reading the reviews of Miss Manga I can see that it isn’t praised at all.

They wanted to create an innovative brush but failed, as well as failed with a “360 degree flexor”. The outcome brush turned out to be inconvenient in all the respects.

This one isn’t the best mascara by L’Oreal, and of course I don't recommend buying it.


Thanks for your attention!!!

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Tiffany_ doesn't recommend L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

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