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Written on Saturday, April 28, 2018
Pros: beautiful shades available, easy to work with, long-wearing, pretty design, thin brush

Hey gorgeous!

Defined eyebrows are an integral part of your look. Defining them the right way, you can change your overall appearance for the better, make your eyes look more expressive and your makeup complete.

A few years ago there was no ado about eyebrows, but today we see that there is an obvious hype about it, especially about natural-looking brows. However, I got used to making graphic and sharply defined brows. And the brow pomade has become my best solution for that matter.

The brow pencils have to be sharpened and if they are retractable, they run low too quickly. However, there are definitely decent options available on the market that I sometimes repurchase.

As for the brow powders, they are not good for me, because I’m a serial face and brow toucher, which is a bad thing when you have a brow powder on.

One day there was a sale and I couldn’t help but purchase this. Moreover, the NYX Pomade I had was almost over, so I picked it up along with their new Paradise Mascara without much thought. By the way, I haven’t yet tried this mascara.


About the product

Build your most perfect brows, with our 1st Brow Pomade for a natural or bold look. Create, define and fill your brows with this highly-pigmented, matte formula that glides on smoothly.

The ultra-precise slanted brush allows you to easily create the brows of your dreams! Longwear formula that resists smudging and fading.



The design is pink gold and looks amazing and expensive. The cap with a built-in brush is half glossy, half matte.

The pomade itself comes in a see-through pot where you can distinctly see the real shade.

Everything is made well and of good quality.

An angled brush is included. At first it was covered with a plastic cap. It’s a standard angled brush that is very convenient to use.

To be fair, initially I thought that it was too small and sturdy for me. It seemed that it wouldn’t be useful, but I was positively surprised.

It turned out that it was really nice to work with, as it distributes the product very well.

It performs alright and nothing actually happened to it during all this time.

As a rule, I wash any brow brush after each use, as when a pomade dries out on a brush, it is impossible to use it further on. Once I forgot to cleanse this one and nothing happened to it! The bristles did not stick together.

The reason is probably that it is sturdier than normal eyebrow brushes, which is good. However, I still recommend cleaning it after each use to preserve these synthetic bristles in good condition.

The cap:

About the ingredients:

Price: £9.99


The product is available in 5 shades, which is very little. I have the darkest shade: Ebony.

I bought this pomade without testing, because I was too lazy to swatch it. And I nailed it.

The shade matches brunettes and those who do not like the hint of orange very well.

It’s a perfect cold brown. I had the NYX pomade before and it was warmer.

The other shades:


Warm Blonde

Dark Blonde



There are no black or orange shades in the range.

Volume: 3 g, which is good enough. The pomade goes a really long way.

It will last at least 6 months by daily use.



The texture is thick and gel-creamy. It reminds me of an eyeliner. It spreads out and applies very well.

It can form some clumps, but they are easy to remove with the brush.

To prevent it from clumps, do not pick up too much of the product at a time.

I usually start drawing the line from the middle part of my brows extending it towards the tail. When I have less product on my brush, I then draw the contour of my brow, which makes it look more natural.

The fragrance is present here.

You can get whatever payoff you want, be it either thick or light.

How does it work:

My BEFORE brows: I have a little bit of foundation on them here. They are naturally black, but I don’t like drawing them black too, as it doesn’t look good. Plus, my hair is more brown when the hair dye washes off.

Here is the result with the pomade on. It doesn’t fix my hairs, so I use an eyebrow gel for this purpose.

The end result looks like this:

Staying power

This is probably the main plus point of this product. I have absolutely no worries about my brows throughout the day. It’s amazing. I wasn’t wearing it for 24 hours, but it withstands at least 15 hours, plus a workout amazingly well. It doesn’t go anywhere, smudge or bleed, even if you are sweating.

So, I think it will do for summer too. It will last even better if I break of the bad habit of touching my face.

It will then really last 24 hours on me.



From my own experience I know that such products dry out in the pot very quickly. After that it is barely possible to use it.

That is so upsetting, especially when the product is decent.

Therefore I turn the pot upside down whenever I fill in my brows. Thus I minimize contact with air!

Additionally, I close the cap very tightly after use.

Even if it actually dried out, you can correct it the following way:

  • Use the Inglot Duraline

  • Keep it in warm water or on the radiator heater

  • As for me, I prefer adding a little bit of lens cleaner to it. I don’t recommend diluting it with oil, because it decreases the wear time then.

Yes, I have a fringe, but the eyebrows are still visible. I wanted to show you the total look without the pomade, but the result was really bad.

Here is a picture for those who do not like photos with one brow only.

To sum up:


★ affordable price

★ gorgeous design

★ good wear time

★ applies and distributes very well

★ a nice brush included

★ perfect shade without any hint of orange


Some notes

★ The color range is not extensive, but I still found the right shade for me

★ It can dry out, but it’s actually alright with all brow pomades



★ No cons for me


I recommend it to everyone! You can make your eyebrows look graphic, bright or light. The product is very convenient to use and I’m really pleased with it.

Thank you for your attention!

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El Khvos recommends L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Brow pomade

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