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Written on Thursday, March 22, 2018

I received this brow pomade in a beauty-box, which contained L’Oreal products only.

I don’t consider myself a hater or a fan of this brand simply because I haven’t had enough experience with their products before. But when I saw the beauty box with L’Oreal filling I couldn’t help but buy it, and now I don’t regret it, because I liked every item, and this brow pomade was no exception.

A few words about its longevity.

I apply this brow pomade everyday and it looks as though I just started using it and barely scratched the upper level. But there is another problem: the surface you scrape with the brush tend to dry faster than the untouched surface so if you want to use this pomade longer you should dug deeper into the jar.

Design and brush:

I haven’t been in a relationship with brow pomades before, especially with such cute ones.

A transparent jar with a glossy brush cap. At first I thought it wasn’t a great idea to combine frosted glass and matte surface of the cap but then I looked at the mascara from the same line and’s not a bug, it’s a feature Smile

The design is fit for both a dressing table of an ephemeral maiden and for the deepest depths of a young mom’s makeup bag, safely hidden from a mischievous child.

A bit about the brush- Maybe I got the defective one, but it had an awful tip. There is one plus, though, you can easily cut off the annoying hairs.

But even though the brush wasn’t flawless, it became quite handy after I worked on it with scissors. I mean I’m not thrilled with the brush, but it doesn’t irritate me anymore.

About the colors:

My pomade is in the color 103 Chatain, which suits me well.

It looks natural even though sometimes by certain lighting seems to be a bit reddish. Since I’m all reddish, I’m fine with that. But I’d recommend to swatch all the shades by yourself.


Here are my eyebrows naked. There are eyebrows with gaps, and the color doesn’t correspond to the hair color on my head. It’s not fatal, but not much.

And ta-dah - there are eyebrows!

I love that you can easily form and paint the eyebrows, and even such a ham-handed makeup newbie like myself can do it effortlessly.

The blendability is great especially when the pomade is still fresh.

Now to the durability. My eyebrows stay where they belong throughout the whole day even though I love to pull my winter hat to my eyes.

I think it’s a great result!

I’ve been painting my eyebrows with this pomade for a month now, every morning and with awe. The product is awesome! I didn’t think I would love it so much but now I ponder over the question: Do I really need something else once this pomade is dried, or I’ll simply buy it again?

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Gwalchca recommends L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Brow pomade

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