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Written on Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Pros: doesn’t crumble, gives lengths and volume to my lashes
Cons: big brush, too pricey for the small size

Hello there!

While I was too busy with my eyelash extensions, they removed my favorite mascara by Maybelline from the market. So, once I said goodbye to my faux lashes I quickly set off to look for a new mascara for me.

I wanted it to be affordable and very effective. Being at the store, my sight was caught by the L'Oreal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara and I was especially attracted by its promises:

  • enriched with lash-loving castor oil.

  • lashes feel feather-soft;

  • without any flaking.


Castor seed oil should help my tired lashes after lash extension. And in general I know that this oil is useful for the skin. And the ultra-soft brush was exactly what I needed. So without any further ado I quickly decided to buy this mascara. It was also very pleasant that the price was affordable.


Outer look:

The mascara retails in a oblong shaped packaging with a lot of information on.

By the way, on the package there are before and after pictures which I wasn’t impressed by, to be honest. I know that they photoshop these shots a lot so in the end they have nothing to do with the original eyelashes look!

When I opened the box I was very pleased to find out that the tube with mascara was matte while the top wand was shiny and smooth. So great to the touch!



Looking at the brush for the first time I thought that it was gigantic! Of course I saw this brush at the store but there it was without any mascara on and it was placed on the stand. But here I saw it covered with the formula and it looked so thick and clumpy.

These are probably the quirks of mine but I’m more into silicone and thin brushes. This one required some time to get used to it. It’s much bigger than many other mascara brushes that I’ve ever tried.


The test-drive on my hand was fantastic. The product didn’t look too greasy on my hand and in general applied well and even. I even tried to coat the hair on my hand with it. Smile

Before I show you the way this mascara looks on my lashes I want to tell you a few words about them. You probably can’t see them but believe me, they exist! I have regular lashes for a blondie - they are thin, short, rare and fair.

The BEFORE shots
The BEFORE shots

It’s inconvenient for me to apply this mascara on my lashes as the brush is bulky and it stains my lower and upper lids a lot. But it’s noteworthy that the brush coats all the lashes on the first go. This is how my lashes look right after application. Rather dirty but look at the result! WOW!

After wiping my eyelids with a q-tip I started to assess the result and the product’s performance.



  • I can clearly see that my lashes have become more voluminous and curled.

  • The lengthening is colossal, especially if you swipe the brush against your lashes 4-5 times.

  • There was no allergic reaction. Only comforting feelings as though there isn’t any mascara on my lashes at all. This is a must-have product for those with sensitive eyes.

  • Some lashes look stuck so I had to wipe some clumps off with a small q-tip.

Overall: the product lives up to the promises! Everything that was stated on the package is 100% true!



After a few days of testing this mascara I decided to check its ingredients. Usually I don’t pay much attention to it as my personal preferences and impressions are more important for me. But here I just thought, why not check the list of ingredients?

I was frustrated to see that the promised CASTOR SEED OIL was only the sixth from the end in the list! Does it mean that there’s only the tiniest bit of it in the formula?!

That’s so disappointing…

If you are into natural ingredients, you won’t approve this list of ingredients either.


My final conclusion:

The things I liked:

  • the mascara is very easy to coat my lashes with

  • lengthening effect

  • volume

  • no lids irritation

The things I didn't like:

  • bulky brush

  • not natural ingredients

  • my lashes clumping


Since my impressions of use are still more important, I’ll keep on buying this mascara unless I find a better product with a smaller brush and better ingredients list. This mascara isn’t perfect though it isn’t bad either. For the aforementioned disadvantages I take off one star.


If you liked my review, please let me know about it!

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Kate_cake recommends L'Oreal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara

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