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Written on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mascara is probably something that every girl has. Moreover, this product gets replaced very frequently. You see, there is no sense to replace an eyeshadow every 3 months, or lipsticks, but mascaras dry faster or even don’t suit you at all (especially if we speak about girls with sensitive eyes and contact lenses). So, a need for a new mascara is my favorite excuse to visit a cosmetic shop.This very mascara wasn’t bought in a shop, though; I got it in a L’oreal box. Boy, it was a good box.

The mascara is really eye-catching, so I think I would have bought it anyway.

Promises: one shouldn’t trust them completely, for the promises can be really sweet.

As always, its length, volume, etc. Also, there is castor oil in the ingredients, so the mascara is supposed to take care of the eyelashes.

Design, brush and color

The design is minimalistic, held in the typical colors of the Paradise Extatic line. Looks identical to the eyebrow pomade: the same matte housing with a glossy cap. Simple yet beautiful, but anyway, it’s not so important for a mascara.

The most significant are the formula and the brush. The Paradise Extatic Mascara has quite a decent brush. It’s not too big or too small, the only problem is that it takes out too much mascara due to the mediocre stopper and many bristles. You get used to it in a couple of days and learn how to apply mascara even onto the tiniest eyelashes.

Color: just an ordinary black, without any kind of grayish undertones to it.


First things first.

This mascara doesn’t irritate my eyes. Unfortunately, my eyes are really sensitive, plus I wear contact lenses.

The mascara is pretty long-lasting. Of course, it won’t survive eye-poking or rain, but on a peaceful day, it’ll stay where it belongs till the very evening.

These two things are like a half of a success for me. Let’s demonstrate other features of the mascara.

My lashes are...just fine. Naturally curly and long, though pale, especially the tips. Usually, my lashes require separation. I don’t need any lengthening or volume, I just paint them and that’s enough. I’m not the kind of girl who loves dramatic lashes or war paint, you know.

1 Coat. Hooray for a natural look!

Just fine for a daily makeup. The lashes are well separated, and there are so many of them suddenly! Plus, my eyes don’t look over-painted, maybe that’s why there isn’t much volume. There is another plus: the mascara helps lashes keep their form. You can easily curl straight eyelashes and tell the unruly ones something like : ‘ladies, today we live under a totalitarian regime, so you have to stick out only in this direction. All day long. Now fulfill your orders!’ So no matter what you conjure, the lashes will be tamed for the whole day.

2 Coats. Dramaless drama Smile


This is not a mascara for those who want lashes long like wings. Yep, the second coat gives length and volume, but the result is still natural-looking. It’s the very first mascara which doesn’t turn my lashes into spider legs, when applied in two layers, but leaves a lot of fluffy lashes instead. And I like it.

Of course, there are downsides, it just can’t be without them. This paradise extatic mascara dries quickly, in 3-4 months. A bit too fast, I’d say. By the end of the third month after opening it starts clumping and falling out. But considering it’s price, let it clump, I can easily buy a new one. Plus, the fallout can be removed effortlessly, and what’s left on the eyes, stays on the eyes.

There is no problem to remove it with a micellar water or cleansing oil.

There is always room for improvement, but this mascara is really nice, especially for those who like natural-looking lashes. Considering its price, I can live with clumping and quick drying.

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Gwalchca recommends L'Oreal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara

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