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Written on Thursday, August 16, 2018
Pros: color, scent
Cons: difficult to apply, it feathers, tacky, too thick

Hello beauties!

Some years ago I saw a review of this MAC Florabundance lipglass from a beauty blogger and literally fell for the color. Since the moment I saw it, the hero of my today’s post has been on my wish list.

When I could finally get my hands on it, I couldn't be ever happier. But taking the ball before the bound I have to admit that my excitement didn’t last long, though. I thought that the results would exceed all my expectations, but later on I found out that something clearly went wrong, as it usually happens, you know. But first things first.

Package- The tube with the lipgloss is transparent and plastic. It has a glossy top cap with the brand naming. Everything looks simple and sleek here. So typical for the MAC products.

Applicator- It’s a standard common applicator, like of many other lip glosses. I like using it as it’s handy to outline my lips, which is so great, considering the shade of the product.

Shade- Gentle peachy nude.

Smell- Vanilla-like.

Texture- It’s rather thick and I’d even say tacky. It makes the product difficult to apply and distribute evenly.

Finish- Glossy

Wear time- It’ll be difficult to assess the longevity of the product, since there wasn’t a day when I wore it for more than 40 minutes.

I dare to suppose that the product stays on pretty well, because usually tacky lip products have a distinctive feature of staying power. But, honestly, I don’t have any desire to check it out myself.


+ the shade looks nice

And it’s definitely a pro of this lip glass;

+ it doesn’t bleed

+ enjoyable vanilla smell.


- it’s too tacky. This lip gloss is impossible to wear when it’s windy outside. Otherwise, there are all the chances to look like Cousin Itt from the Addams Family. Smile:)Smile

- it settles into my fine lines and crevices, accentuating all my lip blemishes;

- it applies with patches. That’s why I can only apply one, maximum two layers. (or it’s better not to apply any) Smile

- it creases with a film. By the way, this lip glass creases everywhere. I mean, not on my head of course, but anywhere on my lips. I guess that it was too easy for MAC to let their product crease on the inner lip and they decided that their lip gloss will crease all over the lips. The first time I saw it, when it started creasing close to my lip edges, I decided that something wrong went with my eyesight. I washed it off, applied again, and yeah, the same thing happened.

- it doesn’t give my lips any moisture, and in general it feels really uncomfy on my lips.

So now, the swatches:

Well, guys, if only you could know how much time I spent to apply it more or less evenly. And unfortunately, the results didn’t look good for long. I took this shot right after the application.

Within 10 minutes the lip gloss creased and there appeared that nasty white film. At first sight it may looks as a fleck, since it isn’t technically white, but peachy in color. But if you look closer, you’ll see it well. Believe me, in life it looks even worse, rather than in the pictures.

This shot shows how badly it settles into my fine lines on the lips, and can you imagine, this is only one layer!!! I associate this photo with earth cracks. I decided to make a collage. Smile:)Smile

The price is $15 (more or less)

Rate: 2 stars

Thanks for reading my post! Let all your buys be successful. Smile

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