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Written on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Have you ever bought something that you didn’t actually need but you bought it just because? Yeah, I understand!Smile Sometimes it happens with every girl, I guess. This is how I bought the Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder. I didn’t mean to buy this product, I just wanted to try out something by the brand.


There are 42g (1.5 oz) of the powder in the bottle. That’s a lot guys! Smile



I didn’t know what to use it for, especially considering the huge size, I just needed to give the Makeup Revolution brand a go. And of course the bright ads and promises made the deal and here I am, with an enormous bottle of Luxury Banana Powder.

Warm your skin with Makeup Revolution's new mattifying Luxury Banana Powder. With a hint of color, set your foundation and reduce shine while correcting redness and pink undertones.

After purchasing, I found out that the product is actually a baking powder. Well recently I started to become more or less better in contouring and here’s something new. Baking. What? I didn’t know what baking was at that moment. Thank God I quickly found it out. For a reference, maybe there are some who are like me, unaware of what this is.


Baking is a makeup technique of contouring your face by highlighting particular areas of the face. It is becoming more and more popular among women all over the world. Initially this technique was used by professional makeup artists but nowadays we can see the public baking their makeup to make it look better and last longer.


To bake you face, you need to apply concealer on the areas that are to be highlighted and then set it with a good layer of loose powder. After 10-15 minutes just swipe off the residue of the powder and enjoy perfect-looking skin.


When I read this information, I was shocked at first but quickly understood that the product can also be used as a usual loose powder without any “baking” techniques.



The Luxury Banana Powder is housed in a weighty plastic bottle with a screw on top. The bottle is see-through which is very convenient as you can control how much of the product is left inside.



Weight: 42g (1.5 oz). Such a big size does not mean the manufacturer was being so generous. Usually the product is bought by professionals and baking requires a lot of the product.



With a sieve to prevent clumping and ensure easy application, shake the bottle before use.


The powder is finely milled and has a yellowish color. It has nothing to do with bananas and is called “Banana Powder” only for the resemblance in color with a known fruit.


INGREDIENTS: Talc, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben May Contain: (+/-) TITANIUM DIOXIDE, CI 77491, CI 77492


Price: $8 at ULTA, which is affordable, considering the weight of the product in the bottle.


The packaging has a sifter that I get the needed amount of the product through. Usually I get in onto the top lid and only from the lid I take the product with a brush.



The product has only one color which is claimed to be adaptive to any skin color yet I’d advise you to test and swatch it before purchasing.


The powder is nicely milled and it’s so lightweight that I don’t feel it being present on my face. It isn’t visible but if I touch my face, it’s so velvety and pleasant to the touch.


The Luxury Banana Powder by Makeup Revolution will make your skin smooth and silky to the touch and what’s more it’ll make your makeup stay on longer during the day. The color is versatile and will flatter any skin tone.


Most frequently I wear it solo on my face.

This is how my skin looks without any foundation or powder on.


Usually I apply this powder after my day skin care cream with a fluffy brush.

The product has satin finish and it doesn’t look like a mask on my face. I can see that my skin gets the so trendy “glow from within look”. I guess that there are light reflection shimmer particles to it.


I was afraid that my face would look yellow with this power on, but luckily that didn’t happen. The powder adjusts to the skin color and that’s absolute true. It’ll suit any girl with an exception the Snow Whites, I think.



As promised the powder fights redness well yet wearing solo won't be enough if you have serious reddening. The powder is delicate and really gentle. That’s a good sign on the one hand, yet bad from the other. It doesn’t hide the appearance of pores as well as doesn’t conceal blemishes. It just mattifies the skin making it look better. If I apply it at 7 a.m then the oily sheen will appear only about 1 p.m.

Six hours of a comfort mattifying effect is a pretty good result. If I don’t wear this powder, the oily sheen is there 2-3 hours after makeup application.


And of course the powder is great for its designated purpose: baking. All in all I managed to master this technique but still not to the fullest.


It sets the concealer well and I can see the longer staying power. Usually I apply my foundation and concealer and then bake with a lot of powder. The residue swipes off with a brush and I love the result.


I don’t use BB creams or foundations on a daily basis, for special occasions only, as I’m afraid that my skin will break out.

But for you I made an experiment and in the picture below I applied concealer on my under eye area, BB cream all over the face and baked the it with the Banana Powder by Makeup Revolution. And viola! No cakeyness or mask wearing look. My skin looks natural and the skin color is really smooth and lit from within.

I guess that my skin looks too dark but that’s all because of the foundation. I found it in a beautybox. It turned out to be too dark for me, but still I’m trying to find a use and tame it.



The most interesting thing is the product works brilliantly as a setting powder. If I wear the BB cream solo, it disappears from my T-zone two hours later and by the evening my skin looks awful as there’s no BB cream left only oily sheen and that’s all. Even blotting papers don’t save the situation.


The spending of the powder is normal. Even if I don’t use it for baking, and use only to set my makeup, for a month of use I can see that there’s less in the bottle.


Loose powder is the product that can’t go a long way, I think. Some product will be spilled, some product will be lost while you bring the brush from the top cap to your face. It might have gone a long way but it expires within 12 months after opening. I’ll never use 42g in 12 months even if I do my baking everyday, twice a day. So I’m sure that more than a half of the bottle will just be thrown away.


I like the way the powder works with reddening, as well as with dark under eye circles.


It evens out the skin tone, doesn’t clog pores and never breaks out my skin. It also doesn’t look cakey or crease during wear.


I liked the Banana Powder by Makeup Revolution very much! It’s a great product that will suit almost any girl!


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