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Written on Friday, September 8, 2017

Hi everyone out there Smile

When I was in a store, I didn’t know if I should buy my favorite powder or try something new. Well, I chose the second option.

So, I bought Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation. I’d like to compare it with L'Oreal Alliance Perfect that is the best of both worlds for me.

Price: ca. $10

Weight: 10 g

The packaging of Max Factor is eye-catching. It is stylish and reminds me of a cell phone Smile The writing didn’t fade and the packaging didn't get any scratches over time. It is different with the L'Oreal powder.

On a positive note, there is a huge mirror attached. In fact, most of the powders are smaller than the mirror alone here. It is very useful.

Inside, it’s divided in two parts, one of which is meant for powder and the other for the sponge. There is also a vent underneath that helps remove the remaining residue from the sponge. The latter is very common yet elastic and quality. Normally I prefer using a brush, though. The sponge ensures a thicker coverage.

By the way, L'Oreal Alliance Perfect has a more pleasant sponge that is so nice to the touch. Moreover, it is more enjoyable and comfortable to use.

The most complicated thing for me is always choosing a shade. Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation is available in 5 tones, which are all dark, even the shade 02 Ivory that I bought. It has a yellow undertone.

02 Ivory seemed to be the lightest shade out there. A sales assistant was helping me.

The payoff doesn’t look too dark when swatched, which is surprising enough. So, I advise you test it before buying.

The smell is present there. It’s synthetic, quite nice and hardly noticeable.

However, the manufacturer stated the following:

Oil and fragrance free.

The texture is nice to the touch, powdery and somewhat creamy. It is a little bit rougher than the texture from L'Oreal. And you know, I feel it on my face. It feels like I’m wearing heavy and dry makeup, although my skin is silky smooth to the touch.

About my skin: combination skin type, clogged pores, oily sheen, plus sensitive and prone to dry cheeks.

One of the gripes is that I don’t like that the product is dusty. The box is constantly covered in powder.

The powder by different lighting: in the shade and in fine weather.

It doesn’t disguise my pores, but seems to make them look bigger actually. However, my skin looks good in general and all the imperfections are hardly detectable.

I know that there are lot of primers to conceal the pores, but I don’t like using them daily due to the silicones.

In my opinion, the powder should cover them up slightly or at least not emphasize them.

The coverage is medium. It covers up some redness, but you should use a concealer for that purpose too. It evens out my skin tone well. Moreover, it mattifies perfectly and my skin looks natural. It doesn’t accentuate hairs on my face, but as for the wrinkles, it does… Also, it emphasizes dry patches.

I loved this claim most of all, it’s fun:

Hydrates skin adding a satin glow.

It does add a satin glow, but I’m not sure about hydration. Funny Smile

L'Oreal Alliance Perfect gives a lightweight, undetectable and more natural coverage, by the way. So, it’s better in that respect. Max Factor, however, has SPF 15, which is great!

In the photo: Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation + L'OREAL Alliance Perfect True Match concealer.

The product wears about 5-6 hours on me and then I have to touch it up. In general, it lasts a little bit longer than L'Oreal Alliance Perfect powder.

Contains Perma-Wear for all-day fade resistant colour.

Here, they overestimate the product, too. The powder will probably last all day against only normal skin that is not prone to oily sheen.

Anyway, keep in mind that our skin is not all the same. So, the powder hasn’t become one of my favorites, although it performs quite well. I’m not sure if I will ever repurchase this product. However, give it a go and you might like it.


Thank you for reading my review.

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zhahanutik recommends Max Factor Facefinity SPF 15 Compact Foundation Powder

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