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Written on Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hello my dear makeup junkies!

Here is the on-trend Maybelline The Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette! I’ve been using it for quite a long time and now I’m ready to show you all the looks I could create with the palette.

The brand has launched a really decent product with 12 workable shades. They are ALL great and any girl can use it, no matter what eye and skin color she has. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it is true! However, there are some cons I’d like to tell you. Let’s take a look at the palette:

The packaging is very simple. It’s a pink plastic case with a transparent see through lid that allows you to look at the real shades. The plastic case is very thin and flimsy, so Maybelline has apparently decided not to spend big bucks on it. Moreover, you won’t find any mirror here. However, it’s not that big of a deal for me. The packaging looks really cheap, but I still love the product.

Inside you can find a two-sided applicator. The brush on one side is actually not enough for applying 12 shades, only 1-3 shades at most.

I believe that most of us throw the included brushes straight away, but I would advise you to keep this one from Maybelline. It’s not at all bad and can be used for a an everyday makeup or on the go.


•●• Sponge: it’s a rubberized sponge which is good for applying the eyeshadow to the eyelid or for applying wet and thus creating a gorgeous wet satin finish. It’s hard to apply thin and neat lines with it.

•●• Brush: it’s a soft flat brush, good for applying a thin coat. It applies the eyeshadow very well, as it’s so flexible. You can also blend out the contours and emphasize the lower eyelid if desired. It’s perfect for touch ups and on the go.

•●• Shades •●•

It’s no surprise that all the shades are different in their quality, as they have various textures, so I’m not going to quibble.

The color range is so beautiful and it’s the first time when all the hues are perfect for me. So cool!

The shades have no names like Sleek and The Balm palettes, so I’m going to describe them one by one beginning from the upper row.

•●• Let’s get it started!

  • 1) This is the lightest shade out there and I call it ‘Frost.’ It’s a white matte hue with glistening particles. The shade is finely milled and applies well, especially to my finger. It looks half-transparent on my eyelid if I haven’t applied any base. It is best suitable for the inner corner of the eye, but I don’t like this shimmer. I think it would’ve been better without it. The thing is that the particles can be easily removed with a swipe of a brush. So, what’s the sense? I use this color very rarely and prefer the Essence white color for that purpose.

  • 2) It’s an orange shimmering shade that gives a pink undertone on my skin. I would call it ‘a Peach of Persia.’ The color is amazing. It has fine shimmer to it that is even finer than the first shade. The texture is so creamy and soft. It applies evenly and gives a delicate glow. The payoff is great. As for me, I apply it to my whole eyelid and use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones. However, it looks better against warmer or darker skin.

  • 3) The shade is pistachio with a white undertone and has a satin finish. It doesn’t give any color to my eyelid but only a delicate glow in the makeup with cold shades. The shade is silky smooth, soft and picks up with a brush or finger very well. I would call it ‘Pistachio marshmallow.’

  • 4) It’s a pink shade with a white undertone. It’s quite a controversial hue and probably one of the worst. They say, matte? No, there is shimmer to it. Why? It would be much better if it was matte! The texture reminds me of the first shade, but this one is somewhat loose. Plus, it falls out badly and absorbs into my eyelid too quickly. I mean, you won’t have time to enjoy a gorgeous pink shade, as it absorbs in 5 minutes and gets transparent… So, you definitely need a very thick eyeshadow base. A foundation or powder won’t help you there. I would call this shade ‘Pink Illusion.’

  • 5) One of my favorite hues out of the bunch. It’s totally matte without any shimmer. The texture is smooth and thicker than the previous shade. It applies to my skin well and doesn’t fade throughout the day. You can blend it out with anything you want. The shade is brilliant! It’s pink beige with a hint of lilac. The makeup artists recommend applying it to the crease in a nude makeup, but I also love using it for my upper eyelids. It doesn’t make my eyes look tired or red. My tip: draw the lines and the eyeshadow won’t give you an effect of red eyes. I call this shade ‘Lilac Veil.’

  • 6) The shade is awesome! It’s a shimmering brown hue with a hint of pink. It has kind of a wet satin finish. The texture is really soft and doesn’t fall out. It applies evenly and quite thickly. It can be layered and it doesn’t crease. The shade is very beautiful applied wet. I would call it ‘Bronze Delight.’

Let’s talk about the lower darker row now:

  • 7) I’d call it ‘A darker version of Rose Gold.’ The quality reminds me of the previous shade. It’s the only warm hue, which actually goes really well with at least 3 colors of this palette. It looks incredible against green eyes and I’m gonna prove it to you.

  • Cool It’s a cold dark brown shade that is almost matte. Why almost matte? Because it has some fine shimmer to it again! The shade is very quality and glows very gently. It has a nice soft texture, which helps create soft smokey eyes without looking streaky or dirty. The shimmer doesn’t disturb me really, as I use this shade for darkening up the outer corner of my eye. I called it ‘Iced Mocha.’

  • 9) This shade is one of my faves and I call it ‘Satin Nutshell.’ I’ve been collecting such hazel shades for a really long time. The color reminds me of a nutshell really. The texture is different from the shades No.6, 7 and 8. It’s dry and a little bit dusty yet it gives an even glow. However, it’s less glowing than the shades No. 6 and 7. It’s suitable for daily makeup on any girl. However, the shade looks different on everyone and has either gray or brown undertone.

  • 10) The shade is gray and has a hint of green. It doesn’t give any glow to my eyelids and looks matte. It’s not dusty, which is great for matte products. The shade is silky and tightly pressed. It picks up with ease and the payoff is on top. It looks gray on me, but I don’t use it very frequently. I prefer combining it with the shades No. 2 and 8.

  • 11) It’s an eye catching shimmering shade. The color is pink with a cold lilac undertone. The quality is fine and I have no gripes about it. It applies, blends out and lasts very well. I won’t recommend applying this shade to the whole eyelid, but it looks great combined with dark lashes. I’ll call it ‘Mysterious Pink.’

  • 12) Here is the most deceiving shade of the palette. If you look at it in the palette, it seems to be eggplant and shimmering, which reminded me of the Sleek Celebrate shade. However, the shimmer is a trick. When you apply it to your eyelid, it falls out. The eyeshadow itself is also neither eggplant nor black, but brown with a green undertone. The shimmer makes the color look eggplant. I don’t have any claims about the quality of the product. The color reminds me of the shade No.7. It’s perfect for smokey eyes and darkening up some areas. The shade is exceptional and I call it ‘Starry Sky.’

  • The price is about $8-12.

●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●•

Now we move on to the makeup looks.


•●• Simple makeup •●•

I’ve used the colors No. 2, 8, 9, plus applied the eyeshadow to my lower eyelid. It’s better to use a brown eye pencil for this purpose because the eyeshadow wears off too quickly.

•●• Pink makeup •●•

The look is very easy to create, too. I apply the shades No.4 to my eyelid and No.5 to my crease. The colors are very light, so I draw the lines on top.

•●• Nutshell makeup •●•

Here, I’ve also used two shades No.3 and 9, which are quite neutral and can be used for daily makeup or in a combination with a warm or cold lipstick. I’ve chosen a vamp look this time. My eyes don’t look very bright yet very pretty.

Moreover, we can modify this look a little bit and add an eye pencil to the lower eyelid and apply the eyeshadow to our lines.

•●• Pink and brown makeup •●•

Have you guessed which shades I’m going to use? Right! I’ve used the shades No.4, 5 and 6 for the inner corner of my eye. Here, I’ve used the Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner and Catrice Eyebrow Stylist.

•●• Daily makeup •●•

Now I’ll show you a soft makeup with 4 shades used. However, some makeup artists advise you use only 2 colors for this type. I totally disagree Smile

I’ve applied the shades No.4 to my upper eyelid, No.5 to my lower eyelid, No.10 to the outer corner of my eye and No.3 to the middle part of my eyelid.

•●• My favorite Smokey Eyes •●•

I’ve already mentioned that the shade No. 7 looks really gorgeous with green eyes.

And here it is - Smokey Eyes with one shade used. It all depends on your eye color. Choose the appropriate shade and it’ll make your eyes look mysterious.

•●• Gorgeous makeup that I recommend to everyone •●•


I’ve used the shades No. 4,6 and 12. I haven’t applied a white color, because I think I’m beautiful without it Smile

•●• One more makeup look •●•


Here, I’ve used a Catrice brush and the eyeshadows No. 2,5,10 and 9 for blending out the lines.

The result:

I’m a big fan of lines on the upper eyelids, so I love applying a waterproof gel eyeliner there. Why gel eyeliner? I believe that it’s waterproof and lasts quite a while.

Some people say that when you apply an eyeliner to your lower eyelids, it makes your eyes look smaller. But I disagree again. I think that the eyes look mysterious, as well as more sensual and sexy with it.

•●• Amazing makeup •●•


Here, I’ve used the eyeshadows which are not meant for every day. However, this makeup looks quite suitable both for a night out and every day. It depends on you.

I’ve used the shades No. 1,10 and 11.

With red lipstick on, the makeup doesn’t look flashy. Hands down it cannot be used when you work in an office Smile

●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●•

The last makeup look

It can be a daily, evening or festive makeup look. Everything depends on the lipstick you choose.

I’ve used the eyeshadows No.2 to my upper eyelid, No.5 to the crease and No.12 to my lash line. As a result we have an ombre makeup.

●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●• ●•●•

Phew! I have finally written this review to the end. I’ve been using the palette for about three months now and would say that it’s my favorite! Yeap, the packaging leaves much to be desired, but the color range is gorgeous. You can create any makeup with this palette for any occasion. The product is definitely one of the best.


Donna Helen.

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